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Why do you act the way you do?

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4 months ago

Really guys, why do you act the way you do? This question has been ringing in my mind and in my head that I can't help but wonder on it. Pondering on it, is beginning to give rise to further questions which give rise to other questions and more questions and this is beginning to seem like an endless cycle of questioning.

Presently, I'm in a place with alot of people at the same time and I've seen different people act in different ways that sometimes seem weird to me but may not be weird to the other party. Incase you're wondering where I am, I am in my church camp meeting.

Incase you know how camp meetings usually are, it accommodates people from different walks and spheres of life with difference in age brackets and attitudes and many more. I guess you would be right to say that my location accentuates the reason why questions relating to why people act the way they do would cross my mind.

I think the actions or should I say the principles of our parents and other immediate members of our family affect or plays a key role in the way we act. They inculcate in us their values, likes and dislikes which at our very tender age we take as ours until we come of age to have ours. Most times, even if we come of age, we tend to just stick with what we are used to and continue to live life with what we've already come to believe as the right way.

Other times, we are shapened either good or bad by our society and environment that we find ourselves in. Most parents try to make sure their kids do not go through this phase by keeping them indoors and away from societal influence. The thing is only about 2 in 10 parents are successful in being able to completely isolate environmental effects from their children or ward.

Children who are affected by the environment tend to be exposed to alot of things which may either mar or make them. This is because the environment is too large to contain just one manner of doing things. Because it is made up of people with difference in contributions, manner of doing stuffs will be different and it will then depend on the child to pick one mode of operation, or to just pick them all.

The society is a combination of different environments at least thats the way I see it, and if you put this into consideration, you can imagine how much influence it can have on an individual. There will always be something different to pick no matter which way you look at it.

The society may expose a man to one way of doing something today and in another day, there would be ten other ways he could get the same thing done. That's why you will always find the good, bad and the ugly in the different segments of the society.

What's funny is that to them, their mode of action is best and should be adopted by all. Because of this my way is better than yours factor, it almost seems like we are in constant competition with ourselves, trying to prove to one another that we are better at what we do, hence the new innovations we see daily.

Some of us act nice because we feel that we can make the world feel our impact like that. Others act brute because they feel over indulgence is one of the factors that make the world less of a better place. While others act wicked and heartless probably because they feel it is justifiable by them at least.

Do you act the way you do because you feel it's the right way to act? Or do you act that way cos someone else says so? Do you act nice because society demands or is it because you are convinced that it's what's best? Do you dress modest because your parents say or said it is the right thing to do? Would you do things differently if you could? All of these and more are the questions on my mind.

Author's Epilogue

As much as we all act is different or similar ways, we should never forget that our actions are one of the ways people get to know us and these actions have more ripple effects than we could possibly imagine.

Well what can I say, I guess I act the way I do because it's who I've become overtime, what about you?

Thanks for tuning in to my island of thoughts and questions, until next time please do well to act the right way...hmmm, what is the right way?

Mhizutty the voice of truth 🎵🎶🎵

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Written by   102
4 months ago
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