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That's all that matters

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3 months ago

I'm usually astonished when people let what others say get to them. I mean I can understand that this happens to the best of us and at that minute your brain may actually dwell on what was said for awhile trying to interprete it and make meaning out of it. Dwelling on it is not what baffles me, what leaves me surprised is how much people get affected by what someone else says about them.

People usually talk alot. Infact it's one of the best qualities of man, talking! Non stop chatter usually about other people 95% of the time and the 5% is when they manage to talk about themselves. It's very rare for a random person to walk up to you and say nice things about you. I'm not saying this is impossible but on a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a two.

The negative stuffs are what people like to talk about and I've tried to imagine why people like to dwell on the bad side of others or on the mistakes that they've made and nothing more. I've come to the conclusion that they do this because it simply makes them feel better about themself.

I know most people here on read have not seen me personally, but I'm what you can call a slim person. While there are other nice qualities about me like my good looks, height and straight legs, how brilliant I am and many more, I rarely have people compliment me or mention all of those other good things. But what they don't fail to talk about is how I've reduced and how I'm slim and need to eat more and the likes.

Its expected really!

I don't know about your end but I expect such talks every time I leave my house, because people to remind you of the things you are falling short of are not hard to come by. They are everywhere and what's funny is that it's never a particular set of persons, it can be anybody.

Nobody has the right to tell you things about you and hurt you into believing them. What you say and think of yourself is the only thing that should matter.

Personally, I'm never rude to these people when they come and say stuffs to me, except in my very bad days which are rare. You too do not have to be rude. Just listen to them with a smile on your face, what they say might hurt sometimes but don't let it get to you cos they can never know you more than yourself.

As a matter of fact, you can be rude to them if you want to. If that's what it will take you to stand your ground, don't hesitate to do it!

Do you want to be a model, go for it. Don't regard that uncle who seems to think it's never going to be possible for you. Anything is possible if only you'll believe. Don't waste your belief on other people's thoughts about you. What do you think about yourself?

If anyone knows you better, it's yourself! As much as there are certain people close to us, they can never know us better than we know ourselves. Which is why I say that this statement that people make "I know you better than you know yourself" is flawed.

Stand up for what you think is right for you,

If you want it, go for it.

Don't let others define you.

It's your choice, your life, your decision so stand up and take charge today..

You can do it, I know you can!

Author's Epilogue

Today's article came in as I had a scenario played out in my head and I decided to express those thoughts right here for us all to see.

If you forget every other thing, remember that it's what you want, think, desire, accept, reject, like or dislike that matters.

Thanks for tuning in for another cup of sweetness, until next time do well to take charge!

Mhizutty the voice of truth 🎵🎶🎵

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Written by   101
3 months ago
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Since my childhood, mom has always said I'm heartless because I didn't care what anyone said about me, I simply did things the way I wanted without caring. As an adult, I realise that it's not exactly a bad thing, because people I discovered that people will always judge you no matter what you do. Best thing is to set your priorities right and follow your heart.

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3 months ago