Let's Come back to it again, Is Depression Real?

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6 months ago


Hello, to the readers who have been reading my diversion, distraction, breakout, and escape since the start.

You know whenever I write about depression, anxiety, or even heartbreak I would decide it to be my last piece of writing about any cognitive trauma.

Enough! That's Enough.


Nah, it's not enough...

From inscribing my miseries to penning down the battle of my hope and insecurities I have shared every single emotion just because maybe letting it out would end it. But I was wrong.

From Realizing the fact that growing up is so hard to share the therapy of serenity

"I somehow realized even if dark vibrant depression end but its greyish shadows remain to stay with you till the end and always come back to you after some time like a nightmare "

And, the ferocious smoke of the anxious depressive period that we have gone through will blind us for some time.

Even, though we have passed through the desperate period, still we feel like in a blink of an eye we will go there again. That's not in self-control.

If you are a writer and don't want to escape from Reality,

Just hold a pen, and I am 100% sure it will start documenting your thoughts, which will cause the sealed wounds to bleed.

Do Traces of depression vanish? Or it's enough to describe a huge sea of impulsive trauma in just a few pieces?

No, We can't.

It may come for a little time but it will cause huge damage to a person's psyche and outlook for the long term.

Depression is Real:-

I think most of us take depression very lightly but no it's an illness that can kill a person from the inside.

Believe me or not, I have seen people in my life who commit suicide when they feel like nothing works out. They feel broke, unrealistic, and totally out of track.

Depression taking people's Life:-

I have read about a lot of people "Who could not let it out who couldn't share the anxiety have chosen to be silent till immortality"

Like I was reading a newspaper where I come to know about "Henry H Thompson" who shot himself in the head when he could not use the pen for months coz of his broken bones.

Similarly, "Virginia Wool" in a depressive state filled his pockets with pebbles to make sure that she drowns after jumping into a river.

IRL Example:-

I know a student who lives in our colony shot himself last year when he saw all his hard work go in vain coz of the so-called PMC when they failed so many students in the medical entrance test. I don't know what he was going through but he end up finishing his life.

This is what depression made them do when they can't let it out.

Reasons behind depression:

I think in this Era every second person is going through depression;

  • One of the biggest reasons behind depression in our youngsters is a Breakup with his/her Ex.

  • Overuse of social media.

  • Not getting their desired career.

  • Long-term distance relationship between parents and children.

  • Lack of mutual communication

  • Inflation

  • Fewer opportunities for employment Students are depressed coz of seeing their dreams broken down and not making their parents proud.

How do we get Rid of Depression:-

I know it's not easy when we are battling with ourselves but still, we can try at least to become better.

  • Try to express yourselves in front of people you trust and you adore.

  • Cry coz it can heal you but try never to hurt yourselves.

  • Stay away from negativity and try to find out peace by visiting the natural habitat.

  • Stay away from social media.

  • Spend time with your favorite people, especially your parents.

  • Pray 5 times a day.

  • Remember, some good moments of your past and inhale positivity.

  • Take 6-8 hours of sleep

  • Consult with a psychiatrist.

Concluding Thoughts:-

Penning down your pessimistic thoughts that are making you even more dead inside is not easy as well as wrong and it takes a lot of courage to share, one can do them with anyone. So, always respect another perspective when He/she wants to tell you about something instead of throwing rubbish at others' faces.

I should also realize that Depression is a traumatic memory that haunts you timely.

So, Right now I am just accepting the fact that it's okay to be blind by past fumes coz all we have to do is "learn and let it out".

Well, Read your comments on my last article last night. Thank you everyone for making me feel good whenever I feel down.

Another happiest news is my life is soon going to take a new start so from next month you will gonna see me excited as hell but tired too coz my university is going to open on 3 October and I can't wait to meet my peeps and my old self.

You guys can discover me there too:-


The End...

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6 months ago


I feel that what I deal with can be tamed by doing the things you mentioned above. Sometimes I just try to make myself so busy to not think of it. However I think it just enhances it sometimes because I'm really just putting a band aid on it. I'm good now and think a lot has to do with having a purpose or reason to live.

I'm excited for you in October its going to be good :) Take care and see you around.

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6 months ago

You are a Fighter and I know whenever something offends you will gonna combat it back.

Haha, Thank you.❤ I am excited too.

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6 months ago

From what the Dalai Lama said, let's practice altruism. That's one way to battle depression - focusing on others instead rather than ourselves. Not that we forget ourselves totally but to spend more time with others and help them in any way we can. Helping and giving are ways to boost our mood and morale.

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6 months ago


But somehow I think when a person is depressed so he forgets what is wrong and what is right and sometimes he hurt the people too who he loves.

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6 months ago

Depression is a no joke, and we shouldn't really take it slightly, its real and can surely kill anyone if not stop immediately. I havent experience it yet but just bast on what I see and what I heard, it is real. I just hope that those who's experiencing this right now can again see the light on their way and find their way back home.

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6 months ago

Thank God, you didn't experience and I pray you will never experience this in your upcoming life. I want to see my introvert Ruffa Sis happy forever.

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6 months ago

Hehe thank You sis. That's also what I like, to be happy always. You should too.

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6 months ago

Depression is not easy my friend. I felt broken those people who experiencing depression. It was really hard for them.

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6 months ago

I Hope, That people who are facing tough times in their lives will get relief soon.

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6 months ago

Yes my friend. Praying for them. They will be good friend. 🙏

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6 months ago

In this era, every third person is fighting with depression and from the past three months I felt I was also under the depression 🤣 because I lost interest in every useful activity of but now struggling to defeat all inner fears of mine. Anyhow happy to see you here after the week welcome back😘

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6 months ago

Haha, True.

Well, can I know which kind of depression you are going through? Hehe, I think it's laziness. But, Alhumdulillah Now, we are doing much fine.

Thank you so much ❤

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6 months ago