Frailty; A test of time

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What if our days are numbered?.

Many times I take a look at life itself and see that there is a lot to know about life alone. It's a mystery and also an adventure. We learn from people's experiences and also their way of life.

Some get inspired through the lives of animals, how they live, and prey on each other to survive.


What does frailty mean?

Frailty as defined by the Oxford dictionary is the condition of being weak and delicate.

Frailty is bound to happen to anyone at any point in our lives.

Frailty in animals

Watching wildlife shows, I got to realize the frailty that comes with animals when they get an encounter a predator. They would have to run so fast for survival. Some would make it while some would surely fall prey and be devoured by their predators. There is so much fun to the predators because they just captured something to rejoice over and if it was captured by the younger one then they count themselves to be stronger and braver.

Thereby to the prey who would have to live their everyday life in fear and agony. They would have to be suspicious with their everyday activities and always be alert. It isn't an easy decision for them to make but they were to live their lives out of fear of their predators.

How about the relationship between the eagle and the mother hen. The mother hen would have to rear their chick knowing there is surely one sworn enemy that would attack their chicks and devour them. They would have to live their lives out of fear counting down to the attack anytime in their life till they get matured and free from the eagle's attack.

Frailty at old age

Walking down the street I saw a man who was finding it hard to get down the staircase of his home. He had to call on someone to assist him down the stairs. I looked at him and remembered how agile and strong he was when they were constructing the staircase, he would be so fast climbing up the stairs back then without support from anyone. But today the staircase he climbed almost every day back then became something he would always bother himself about whenever he wanted to climb them.

Frailty came into his life and weakened his abilities and capacity. It made him so fragile, turned his strength to fear, and made his count closer to his demise.

I remembered when my grandmother told me to make use of my black hairs before they turn white, to make use of my legs while they can run before the time I would always have to add a third leg to move.

Frailty at a tender age

We all have our weaknesses. Come to think of a life whereby we have to live to a count down. A life where we would have to count every minute and second of our lives and live by it knowing the day we would have to stop our breath.

I watched a movie titled CLOUDS. It was based on a true-life story of a boy called Zach Sobiech. Zach was living a happy life with his family and friends not until he was diagnosed with cancer which had no cure. He had to live his life knowing his death day and counting down to every breath, every minute, and every second he took.

He would have to leave the world in a few days. He forgot about his dreams and talents since he was dying already. But he was inspired to live the little life he had left creating great memories of himself to the world. He sang the song clouds at the brink of death and it became a success as the song hit number one on Apple music that very year. He was remembered for his great talent and courage. Zac fought through the frailty of time and brought out the best in him.

I would always ask myself what if I got my days numbered?. How would I feel?. What do I have to give the world?. Can I fight through the frailty that it would bring?. Or would I just live the rest of my life trembling in fear?

Frailty towards success

There is indeed no shortcut to success. We have to live to become someone successful in life. Most time frailty sets in our lives trying to keep us back towards success in life. Times we feel like giving up on our hopes and dreams.

Just like Zach, despite his countdown, he was still able to fight through his weakness and made sure he achieved success.

Success might not come so easy but what if?. What if we are to live our day numbered?.


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I feel inspired going through this now! There's are time when we will become so weak that our Legs will not be able to carry us. If that man who find it hard to climb the stairs remember the old age , he might probably not border himself to build a stair , but it's all a frailty of time, the time when the strong will be come so weak that they won't be able to do anything.

Even as a young people, there are some frailty that we might be passing through too, but we should not be weight down , but instead we should be striving to make an history, very difficult to do right? Just like Zack , he knows fully well that his days are numbered but he don't have to make himself useless , he just have to make himself happy by making an history fir himself.

We should not limit ourselves, in everything we are doing, we should live like we will never live again , no one knows the time nor hour, the time is now.

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