The Power of The Process

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The process is test you as well as teaching you. If you pass the test and learn the lessons, you get to go on to your next process. If you fail a test and quits rather than retake the test, the process spits you out

~ Robert Kiyosaki

Many people with raw talent cannot earn from it because it is what it is, raw.

There are many talented people like you out there so many of them but to be useful every talent must pass through the development process. If the world is to notice and reward your value you must stand out. This only happens when you subject yourself to the process of development.

Ours is a generation who cares little about the process. We want the prize without a price.

Now ponder on this quote by a friend of mine who is a CEO of a music school.

So whether it is music. Whether it is in business. Whether it is in religion. Whatever and wherever, if you skip the making process then you can't get the prize.

We are in a generation of fast-fast ship-ship mentality. So we have fast-food joint, fast taxi, fast delivery of our goods and services. Do not try to take the fast-food mentality to areas of your life where they do not apply.

Every significant success you see today is a product of a process. Success is more about the process than it is about luck.

Whatever you aim to achieve in your life, align yourself with the required process. If you follow the right process, the right results will come.

Let's see the perspective of King Solomon of ancient Israel. King Solomon once said the lazy man does not roast what he took in the hunting.

Now imagine for a moment with me

A hunter left his home with his arms and traps to hunt in the forest. When he got to the forest, he lay in wait when he saw a herd of antelopes. He aimed and took a shot. He killed one, good shot. It was a glorious day for the hunter as he got his second kill moments later. He claimed his kills and went home.

However, when he got home he laid the bounties on his table to clean and roast later. For some reason, he didn't roast them. He left them on the table for days until they decayed.

You may think the hunter is. foolish and ignorant but that's not the case. Because a foolish hunter cannot shoot down to antelopes in one go. It takes some skill and wisdom to do that.

Solomon gave us the real diagnosis: Laziness

Laziness is not about starting. Anyone can start. It is about finishing what you started. It's about sticking with the process from start to finish

We often describe a lazy person as someone who sits idle all day unwilling to work. Solomon has a different idea

He said that if you cannot refine what you have you are lazy.

Roasting is your ability to process what you are and package it into something that earns you commercial value consistently.

You can dance, you can paint, you can sing...whatever you can do, roasting converts your talent from its raw state into a desirable and marketable form.

Let's take a look at my country, Nigeria. She does not roast her catch. She does not refine her crude oil. Rather she exports them to other countries. Those countries refine the oil into several other products and then sell the products at mammoth prices to Nigeria. We export cocoa and import chocolates at a much higher price.

Listen. The process is as important as the result, if not more important. Develop a system that helps you grow your gifts and harness your talents

The process is more valuable than the result. The process of strategic deliberate personal and holistic growth

Growth is deliberate.

Growth is intentional.

Growth helps you rise to the top of your game where you can charge your worth. Your next big thing is developing a higher version of yourself. You cannot expect version 9.0 results when you are on version 3.0.

There is always room for improvement. Learn the act of consistency.

One of the Valuable Lessons I've learned in 2021 is the power of Action Taking, Focus, and Consistency. If you combine these 3 power elements for just 6 months, you would notice a great change in your life. The problem is that a lot of people can't combine these 3 elements because to them, it's hard. But what they forgot is that nothing good comes easy. The rich people you admire, their wealth didn't come easy, trust me. You didn't see the back-end, it was full of work


Embrace the process today. Engage it and ride it to the top.

That'll be all for now. Let me know your thoughts and/or questions in the comments section.

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1 year ago


Reading this is an eye opener for me, I hope to shrug that laziness that has confine me from growing.

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1 year ago

this is true, some of us want instant gratifications instead of following the process and that has thought me a lot, a mistake I won't forget

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1 year ago