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Poetry Week 1: Writing a Poem

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6 months ago

Good day! A not-so-new concept pops up in my mind and I am applying it here starting from this article.

Every weekend, let us bring out our creative side through poems. Yes, you read it right. You may write a poem about anything. Only the sky and your imagination are the limits.

If you are happy, you can write a poem that symbolizes happiness. If you are sad, make a poem with a sad tone. And many more that you want to convey to us.

Regarding this poem I am talking about, you do not have to write a lengthy poem. Four lines are already enough. You may write it via the comment section of this article.

What is actually the concept of this initiative?

Every Saturday, I will post a special article like this. It may contain a short poem from me. What you need to do is to bring out your creative side too in making a short poem in the comment section.

It may or may not related to the poem that I will include. The only requirements are for it to be at least a four-line poem such as the example below and it must be original.

A simple smile from your face
Makes my day full of grace.
You filled the empty space
And made my heart beats race.

Regarding its originality, if you commented on a plagiarized short poem you will be automatically disqualified.

I like reading and making some poems that is why I make this initiative. Another reason is that I rarely see or read an article that contains a poem. So to make a room for those who have the same interests in poems, I hereby started this weekly episode of short poems in the comment section.

It has been in my mind since last week and I can't help but start it now. I am not sure if this will click, but I still give it a try. I wanna know who also loves poems and I wanna read some pieces of short poems from you.

Here are the benefits for the best two poets of the week:

  • Sponsorship

I will sponsor the two poets of the week. So you have to make sure that your sponsorship badge is turned on and make sure to accept it once you receive a notification for it.

  • Free promotion

The two users who will be chosen as best poets of the week will be promoted by yours truly on this platform. It will either be in the form of a boost or mention.

  • Tips

At least two of your published articles for the first seven days after you become a poet of the week will receive a tip from me.

  • ZEY NFTs

One ZEY NFT will be given to each poet of the week. In case the winner does not have an SLP address, he/she can either make one or forfeit this bonus.

  • Bonus for the other participants

Those who will not able to make it do not feel sad because there are many more next time. Also, you will receive a random tip as a token of appreciation for bringing out your creative side.

Important things to note from this initiative:

  • Just create a poem of at least four lines, either written in English or Filipino, and post it in the comment section.

  • If you wish to make it longer, you have the discretion. But only write one.

  • You also have to mention at least one whom you think will like to join in making poems.

  • The poets for this week will be selected using these criteria: fifty percent impact from others, and another fifty percent for its message or content.

  • If you become one of the poets of this week, you can still participate and write poems next week, but can no longer be declared as such again.

That is all for today. Fill the comment section with the love of poetry!

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Special Notes:

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This is original content.

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Written by   215
6 months ago
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Hanggang Thursday pa po ito :)

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6 months ago

My Entry

(Poem for the King)

I was once in the darkness. Living my life in a mess. But you came out from the light. And said that my battle will also be your fight.

I stumble and fail. But you're mercy is just and still. I hurt you for how many times. But you remain gentle and kind.

The sacrifice that you did. And the blood that you've shed. Gives me Cleanliness and purity. That nobody can give to me.

I surrender my life to you. Refresh my soul and make it new. You own my life and my soul Come in me and take control.

@renren16 thanks sa mention 😁❤

@immaryandmerry baka gusto mo be.

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6 months ago

God will always be here for us. Such a wonderful poem with a great message. Anghirap naman pumili 😁

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6 months ago

you're welcome bhe..

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6 months ago

Hope in Hard Times

I opened my eyes, darkness welcomed me, It's an unknown place and feel so heavy. I'm tired and unable to move–I'm stuck, With the situations, it's hard to go back.

The world goes dark, everything's seems falling, / I'm so tired,fed up and over thinking./ These times were hard and so does how to cope, / In any challenges, I must have hope.

@Eunoia @wakeuplincs @kli4d You might be interested

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6 months ago

Oh shoot if I just saw it earlier hahaha

$ 0.02
6 months ago

The rhymes are so good. The message made it more give a massive impact. Just surrender everything to God, and He will help us.

$ 0.02
6 months ago

Thank you po. Yes, we must have faith and hope

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6 months ago

I will write one next week. Hopefully, in Tuesday. :)

$ 0.00
6 months ago

I will wait for it. Have a great day. :)

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6 months ago

I've wrote a poem and published it in here.. Para akong ewan nung pinab.lish ko yun dito... wala man lang greetings o kung ano pa man..😅

But, anyways, sir mukhang mapapasabak ulit dito..😁

Pwede ba yung parang spoken poetry?

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Magcomment ka lang ng tula, kahit apat lang na linya basta gawa mo po. Tas mabanggit ng others :)

$ 0.00
6 months ago

sige po, I tried it out☺️

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6 months ago

Hindi po kailangang ganiyan haha. Basahin niyo po ulit :)

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6 months ago

Ito na po yung akin, hihi😅

"The first time I saw you I melt like a snow. You're like a fire That burns me slow.

I don't know what I feel My heart seems to swell But I like what I've feeling Co'z there's a thrill inside my being.

I want you to be mine Maybe I'm out of my mind But what will I do? I'm just a girl, who fell in love to someone to like you."

@Sequoia @dzefiem , baka interesado kayo.😊

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6 months ago

Multiple entries allowed?

I cannot believe what I just read. And I thought "Hey, this would be fun!" A lot of words building up in my head. But here I am coming up with none!

@meitanteikudo bet mo? 
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6 months ago

Thanks for being here Pichi 28! Thanks for your query, I updated the article. You just have to write one and mention at least one. Have a great day. :)

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6 months ago