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When you write an article, do you think grammar and spelling need to be correct? If yes, what's the substance of having good spelling and grammar?

Well, us being a writer need to provide the article clear and easy to read and understand. If not, people will not be engaged in reading and appreciating our content. Furthermore, having good grammar and spelling in our essays proves how good we are in that field.

So, what do you do to make sure you have good grammar and spelling whenever you write an article?

I remember before when I was in elementary grade, I use to join a contest "copywriting". There you will be given a copy of an article with wrong grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We need to read it and check what word or phrase needs to adjust. I enjoyed doing it that's why I won the first prize. I juts find it easy and fun searching for the typo error and grammar. But now that technology revolutionized the world, what invention can help us with this matter?

Let me share with you what I discovered and I hope it helps especially those who's been struggling with this part.

I became a blogger last 2020 or 2019 I think. Lol. Not that sure but it runs on that year. At first, I write it in my mother tongue which is Tagalog. This was so easy for me as I use this language now and then. So to make the story short, I'm not afraid to be wrong when it comes to spelling and grammar in this language.

But, here on even though it's completely fine to use Tagalog on an article, but I still prefer using English. This will make other people understand my article even though we're not the same Pinoy. So, English is the international language that a lot of people cherish learning. Yet we can wholly say that this language is not that easy especially if we didn't use it in our everyday life. I am too has been struggling until now in this language, mostly when I need to speak it out. In writing, I think I already ace it and someone helps me to be good at it. By the way, what helps me?

Well, to eliminate your curiosity I will reveal my secret. 😅 I was using an app which is called Grammarly.

Are you familiar with this? This was introduced by our co-user here in, @wakeupkitty . She hosted a contest before which is the freewriting contest, and one instruction she demands is to use this app.

And started that day, I always use this app whenever I write an article. And it's a big help. It can correct your spelling and grammar.

For example, I write "tadoy" instead of today...

That typo error can easily be identified and checks the spelling. It detected and corrected my word "today".

What if I was struggling with my grammar or hardly using the prepositions? Can it help? Yes. It can. For example, I was writing... "What are your name?"

On that part, we all know that it's wrong. So, the app demands me to change "are" to "is". This was just a simple sample but it will surely help you more. Whenever you made a mistake this app instantly warns you that it's wrong. This is also good on punctuations. Like using "thanks" or "for example", it will always demand you to put a comma after it.

By the way, this app can be upgraded to premium, and it offers a lot more. I was using it for free so checking spelling and grammar is the only access on it. But it's a big help still.

So, hope this article helps you not to be insecure or uncertain about your grammar and spellings next time. Bye. 😊 

Btw, this is not a paid advertisement. But if ever Grammarly noticed this, I'm accepting offers. Lol. Joke.

Ps. Thanks, @noisytoothie for renewing the sponsorship. :)

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