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Is It Reality Or Illusion?

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1 year ago
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How do you separate reality from illusion and illusion from reality?

Albert Einstein once said that reality is merely an illusion. Wherein he believes that we will only die alone and the lifespan we created is only an illusion. The reality that we are feeling right now is only because of our senses. And that is how our imagination puts life to our senses.

We humans sometimes create our own illusions and exert some effort to make it true, perhaps make it into a reality. They said reality is seeing what you already have right now and not changing a thing about it while illusion is a matter of dissatisfaction and changing the whole situation according on how you want to see it. Until you gain approval, a feeling of endless satisfaction and bliss.

Have you once think that maybe what you are doing is only an illusion? That it doesn't make sense in the end? That it was only created by your playful mind or mind of others?

Some people even think whether existence is an illusion or reality. We can say it is reality because we are breathing and alive but it only become illusion once you start thinking that your existence has a meaningful meaning behind it or that you were born for a purpose.

Reality can be easily defined according to our five senses, what we see, what we touch, what we taste, what we hear and what we can smell. If something pass all the requirements from our five senses then it can be determine as a reality.

How about you? Are you stucked in an illusion life? Our thoughts can create an illusion and it could be the world you created for yourself or the world you created to either build you up or break you down.

They say reality can be created. The question is how it can be a reality when it was a product of your imagination which is from your illusion? Not because we see it doesn't mean it's the reality. It's really hard to tell the border between your illusion and your reality.

Reality is an illusion. If our reality is an illusion, then why do we have to work so hard to achieve something in life? They say, we perceived our life based on how we want it and that sums up the idea of reality being an illusion only.

Let me start with sharing my own illusion. I always wanted and imagined to become a famous and rich person where I will be in the Forbes magazine. I'll built my different mansion in different countries and the world will gonna be amaze with me. I can even go into another Galaxy of the world and be the one to tell the world what can be found there. I am the one who can go to another dimension and tell people that all the magical and supernatural are happening there. Although they seems so unreal but they are my illusion. They satisfy me and I create them because I want to think of them.

Now, let's go to reality. I know one day we will die and we are all passing by. Death is real and death is part our existence in this world. A knife can make you bleed. We need oxygen to breathe. We need to eat food to support our body. We won't be born naturally and physically if we don't pass from our mother's womb. We need our eyes to see our surroundings physically. These are one of the reality and it depends on you whether you will accept it as a reality in life.

Sometimes it's better to create illusions out of your imagination when you want your life to become something different. You are the one who create it and you are also the one who can removed it. Reality is based on what is happening in from of us and what we are seeing naturally. It's hard to tell whether what you are experiencing is an illusion or a reality. Some people like to call their illusion as a reality because it is the only thing that makes them happy this they are stucked with their illusions. Some people chose to call reality as an illusion when they don't want to accept that something is being called as a reality.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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Oh this is so true and I'm quite guilty too, sometimes I don't want to accept, I'll just believe to be an illusion and I'll start imagining what I truly desire... I call it the power of the mind to recreate a world from in to the outside

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1 year ago

Yes and nothing is bad in thinking about things that you don't have in life but sometimes it shouldn't get much..a lot of people are living in illusions but I just hope it won't turn into delusional

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1 year ago