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NO: A Tough Skill To Master

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6 months ago

so many times, we say yes to many things we don't want to do. How often do people ask you to do something and you'll reply " sure I will'? , then two to four days later you got to realize how overwhelmed you're with a load of work on your to-do list, even though we are the ones who said yes in the first place, we become frustrated with our obligations. A simple "no" will be more valuable than whatever work the most productive person can mobilize.

Why do we say yes

There are times we agree to so many requests not because we want to do them but because of what will think or say about us, we don't want people to see us as an arrogant or rude person, or someone who is unhelpful. Saying no to someone we like might be too difficult for us because we think we might need their help. Do whatever kindness you can and be warm-hearted and know when you need to say no, straining a relationship overweigh the fidelity of our time and energy. One thing is how we think about the meaning of yes and no, we still find our commitment to the things that will not add meaning to our lives, and certainly there won't be any improvement

The difference between the word "yes" and "no"

These two words feel like they carry equal weight in conversation because they get used in comparison to each other. Those two words are different in magnitudes in commitment, they are not just opposite in meaning. Saying no means you're rejecting just one option and saying yes means you are saying no to another option, hence you are accepting one. You have already decided how the future space of time will be spent once you are committed to doing something.

No is like a decision and yes is an obligation. Saying no conserve the ability to spend your time however you want become it's a form of time credit, but saying yes means you will have to pay back some commitment at a point because it's a form of time credit.

The role of No

Turning down responsibility is easier when you're falling back on a safety net of power and authority, that's why many of us see the word "no" as a luxury that can be afforded by solely those who are in power. Saying no is one of the techniques that can help you to become successful, it is not only a privileged that is reserved for the successful among us. Saying no retains the most important part of your life because at some stage you'll need to do it to develop your career.

You have to say no to any distraction in other to be productive and you'll have to say no to whatever that is not steering you toward your goals, that's why we have to pick carefully. When you say no, it does not mean you'll not be productive or do anything spontaneous, it means you're saying yes in a focused way. Blowing out distraction will help you to say yes to what will move you to the right position

The word "no" is a tough skill to masterr, and it doesn't mean you'll never say yes when it really makes sense. If you come across an opportunity that warrants you to drop what you're doing right now, you can say yes or think twice about it, if it doesn't exist you can equally say no. Saying no might be difficult but always susceptible than the alternative.

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Written by   113
6 months ago
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Saying no sometimes doesn't mean that you're rude or a bad person. If it's consuming too much of your time, and effort and if it's consuming too much of what you are and who you are, you must say no and move forward.

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6 months ago

rightly said.. not mandatory that we will accept all over, it's better to reject the one's that overwhelm our mental health.. thanks for your contribution.

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6 months ago