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1 year ago

I am just 6 days old on this site, and this is my 10th article already. I almost forgot that I have my domain to manage too! I enjoy reading articles here, which often lead me elsewhere - crypto news, blogs, referral links, faucets, other cryptocurrencies I have never heard of before... it's a wormhole of things to discover. Too many things to learn, too little time. And most of these topics are too technical for me. But still, little by little I'll fully understand the terms and concepts behind the crypto-verse.

I'd like to take a break from all the serious stuff I've been writing lately. It's just the second day of the workweek and I feel like I've been working for 3 weeks non-stop. FYI, aside from my day job, I also have night classes, and this week is our finals. On top of it, I also have a lot on my planner. 

Thankfully, I have my laptop to unload my thoughts into. I have written in my blog that writing functions therapeutically for me. It makes me feel relaxed and focused. Aside from sleeping, writing is my rest. Am I weird?

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I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am a writer. It is more than just something I do frequently, but also a self-declaration. I am a writer, so I should write. And I want to share my writing routine, enveloped with some tips.

  1. Before actual writing, I make sure that there is at least one topic that piqued my interest for the day. For this to be possible, I either have read a book, an article, or a blog, or have watched or listened to a thought-provoking podcast or video. This stimulates my mind to think and to expand on the idea by either agreeing to it, adding to it, or refuting it and offer alternatives. 

  2. I use Grammarly. It is a free tool that helps me see and correct my grammatical errors spot on. I use the free version. In case you haven't used this tool, do so. It will save you time and spare you from the condescending remarks of grammar nazis. 

  3. Have a mental list of the things you want to discuss on your chosen topic. Outline your thoughts. Write down your major points so you will not lose them in the process. Do not rely on your memory, write it down. 

  4. Predetermine the number of words you will write. This will help you budget your words according to your major points. Strike a balance on your outline. A lengthy article is boring and tedious to the eyes. A very brief one is lacking substance. A good article is like a woman's skirt - "short enough to keep it interesting and long enough to cover the essentials".

  5. Expound your ideas in your next article. Sometimes we want to share almost everything in one go. We get excited over a topic that we want to exhaust every idea that we have. While this is not wrong, it is not advisable. If one major point from your outline needs further elaboration, it calls for another article. Don't choke your readers with too much information. Make your articles chewable so they will be able to absorb all the nutrients your writing has to offer.

  6. Celebrate your wins. This is my favorite part. Whenever you finish an article, treat yourself with some self-appreciation. Tap yourself "good job", or eat some sweets, or perhaps, post about it on your social media account. It's a nice gesture, try it. 

  7. Write regularly. Doing this will not just develop the habit in you, but will also develop you as a writer. Constant exposure to Grammarly's corrections will familiarize you with English grammar. Regular typing makes you a more adept typist. I can never overemphasize this: a writer must write regularly. 

Hi, I am Marts! I am a writer, and aside from my stint here in, I also have my own blog - I appreciate it if you pay me a visit! I plan on growing my readership as I learn to improve my craft and journey towards my passion to write and publish books that add value to people.

Let's rock!

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Written by   148
1 year ago
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great article, great tips! i have that problem of giving my audience too much to chew, hahaha. i'll be working on that for my next articles.

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1 year ago

Hehe that just means you have a lot of ideas to offer! It's a good problem though ☺️

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1 year ago

yes, i like these good problems, hehe.

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1 year ago