How I Fared on my ECQ Goals

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Two weeks ago, I listed some things I planned to do for the whole duration of Enhanced Community Quarantine in NCR. I even blogged about it for accountability and as a reminder that I have to be productive with my free time. Here are my listed goals and the progress. 

Goal 1: Clean up and arrange my bookshelves

Status: 100%. Though it took me three days and I just did it the second week, at least I was able to finish this daunting feat. I say daunting because I have so many books to sort, in addition to handouts and seminar materials I've accumulated for quite some time. And since it felt like a huge accomplishment, I also wrote a blog about it!

Goal 2: Review New Life Lessons

Status: 0%. I wasn't even able to open the said material the whole ECQ but I was given an extra task to write additional input for another teaching material. Also, I was invited to speak for an online youth event happening in a few weeks and I dedicated time to make my initial study. My fault, I put it last on my priority. 

Goal 3: Take up two online courses from Coursebelt

Status: 50%. I was planning to take on the Canva Course and the How to Sell Anything Course. But I discovered that I still have another course I haven't finished yet: the FB Ads Course. So I took that instead. On top of that, I received an offer to be a copywriter for a startup business! What a joy! Glad that I took up the copywriter course months before so at least I have a little idea what to do. I just hope I'll be able to deliver.

Goal 4: Write an ebook

Status: 100%. This is one of my pet projects for the ECQ period and I'm glad I pulled it through! It's is heavily based on my previous talk in a youth seminar, about the need to be connected to the church especially this pandemic season. I am planning to post it on my blog in a few days as a free downloadable. Visit in a few days! 

Goal 5: Finish the book I'm reading

Status: 50%. I made it through 5 chapters on John Ortberg's book All the Places to Go: How Will You Know. It takes me longer to finish it because there are lots of gems to glean on this. I already have made a considerable amount of highlights on the book and it is proof that I am enjoying and I'm learning from it. Hopefully, I'll finish the whole of it before the month ends. Oh, one more thing. I am reading alongside it Philip Yancey's The Bible Jesus Read. Guess I'm a bit of a poly-reader, reading several books at the same time. 

Overall Score: 60%

It's a bit disappointing on my end not to deliver the goals I set earlier. I still have a lot to learn about keeping up with my list and being disciplined enough to follow through. 

But one of my major takeaways for the past two weeks is that when you have a goal and you make it known to some (in my case, my readers), it somehow lingers on your mind and reminds you to work on it. Though I have low scores, somehow I consider the results above as a win. 

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Woah, ilang chapters po ang sinulat mo sa ebook mo sa goal number 4? Sana matapos mo po at mabuo ang lahat ng goals mo this month. Also congratulations po sa inyong future wedding yippie!

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