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FOMO and NFT Games

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2 months ago
Topics: FOMO, Emotions, NFT, Blockchain, Gaming, ...

Recently, I'm getting too much obsessed with different NFT games. Honestly, I'm more of a bandwagoner myself. Rather than actively looking for green pastures, I prefer to squeeze myself into where the people flock. Since NFT games are a thing, I devoured everything my mind can comprehend about the subject.

My Defi Pet

The first blockchain game I put my hands into is My DefiPets. It's like a Dragon City x Moster Rancher type of game that is set to "explode" based on their proposed roadmap. It is also expected to rival Axie Infinity, a Pokemon-inspired blockchain game running on the Ethereum network. My point of entry: when my friend introduced it to me and sweet-talked me into investing early on. I'm glad I listened. I bought a couple of DPET tokens when the price was just around Php30, but now the price climbed to almost Php320. The only downside is that My DefiPets is not yet Play2Earn. 

A screenshot of My DefiPet account

Town Star

Another blockchain game I became interested in is Gala Games' Town Star. As I mentioned in my previous blog, it is like a more competitive version of FarmVille or Township, where you need to grow your town into a sustainable, income-generating source. The Play2Earn feature is a bit challenging because you have to climb the leaderboards to get rewards. If you're up for a challenge, and if you think this game is worth your time, you may register through the link: and use my referral code 60f0fa95746ab033bab65c27 so we will both get 100 Gala Coins. 

Momo Farmer

I also invested some amounts of BNB for Momo Farmer. It is more of mining than a game. All you need to do is put your tokens in their liquidity pools and in return, you will receive a Key with which you will use to open chests for Momo NFTs. These Momo NFTs have corresponding hash powers. The more hash powers you have, the more MBOX tokens you'll mine. If you're interested to learn more and earn about Momo Farmer, you may visit (with my referral, of course) or use this invite code when asked: 10357352.


Lastly, I joined the bandwagon for Cryptoblades while it was rising in price. I lost some BNB due to its continuous price increase but I decided to proceed with the transactions before the price becomes astronomically inflated. 

The problem is I don't have that much of fiat to spare. So because of FOMO, I withdrew all my $CAKE on Harvest.Finance and Pancakeswap.Finance, and withdrew my staked $NINJA on Ninjaswap. But even with all my funds, I still can't catch up with the increasing price. So I have to convert my remaining BTC on so I can start playing Cryptoblades. "Budol is real"

But to appease myself, I convince myself that this is Play2Earn and I might get my ROI in few weeks. 

A screenshot of CryptoBlades' landing page


As I reflect on how I decided on those NFT gaming purchases, I'm ashamed to confessed that it was all because of FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. I'm afraid that the next big thing is coming and I might miss the party. So I rushed with my decision - thinking that I have some resources to spare while reasoning out that I got nothing to lose since all I'm spending are my crypto earnings. As of now, I cannot confirm whether I made the right decision or not. 

Have you ever been into a FOMO situation? It is a feeling that gives you a bit of paranoia. You argue with yourself. All your values will crumble if you're not rational enough. But what if I'm really up to the ride of my life? What if I just grabbed the next big thing at the palm of my hands? Who knows? With crypto, everything is a risk. Fingers crossed, these NFT games will be worth my time, and investment. 


I would like to promote my ebooks that you can purchase with BCH! Other payment options are still in process. 

These ebooks are written in Taglish and proceeds will go directly to my wedding fund, yay! My ebooks are worth Php50.00 (~$1.00) but if you get both, you'll get them for just Php90.00 (less than $2.00). Thank you!

Hi, I am Marts! Aside from, I also run my blog - I plan on growing my readership while learning to improve my craft and journey towards my passion to write and publish books that add value to people.

Carpe Diem!

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Written by   95
2 months ago
Topics: FOMO, Emotions, NFT, Blockchain, Gaming, ...
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