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Part 2: Interview of Akane Yokoo " The Woman BCH Enthusiast"

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4 months ago

December 31, 2020


In recent months, I have interviewed different people about BCH. They are BCH enthusiasts, BCH developers, and so on. We learned a lot from them especially from their experiences in cryptocurrency or BCH. They share the same beliefs, the goal, the dream, and the achievement for Bitcoin Cash. They are the communities I have met who are kind to give ideas, helpful, and very generous. They are not stingy to share what they have, inspire other people, and they didn't get tired of teaching you to be successful in life as them. Last month, I didn't even bother to interview others because I was so busy. Many things happened here in the Philippines that were not expected. So I became busy helping others. And I know other users already know it because I always updated them by reading my article.

Someone told me why I don't interview anymore so I said what is the reason and then I thought why I will not interview even one before the end of this year to leave some BCH users knowledge, for them to inspire and for good our year because of BitcoinCash. I don't want to mention the name because he needs privacy. I thought of this woman being interviewed for the second time because I knew she was one of those who could help others. So that we also know the Goal of their Campaign and also so that you can inform us on what opportunity awaits us like Merchant that Accepting Bitcoin Cash.

I already introduced this person in my first interview with her. This is the link if you have not read it.


This is a short interview with Ms. Akane Yokoo.

1. As a woman, you are one of their admirers. Did it get to the point that you were also tired when it comes to cryptocurrency or you made a mistake as well? (Like community split etc.)

Answer: Wow, Thank you:D. Let me introduce myself to people who don’t know me. I am one of the organizers of Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetups and a co-founder of Satoshi’s Angels. I help with community growth and merchant adoption for BCH.

I think I know what you are trying to say, that some people get tired of cryptocurrency. If you get involved in the crypto community, you are surprised to see there is a lot of politics among different communities or even inside the same community, or governments trying to regulate it, censorship, propaganda, etc. Bitcoin Cash has gone through the second split recently, which made many of us stressed and worried, and we lost some supporters (though I feel like we are standing stronger than ever). I have seen some of the people who have been long-time supporters of BCH getting tired of the toxic comments and fights. This is something we can not ignore.

But you have to also remember this. We are in the early stage of a new revolutionary technology that could change the way money works worldwide, and it is probably natural that there is a lot of resistance, fights, and even hatred, especially because crypto is money. What we can do is to keep fighting the fight, and keep building, doing what we each can. 

 Also sometimes the amount of info and news we have to keep up with is overwhelming, but I try not to stress by not looking at Twitter all day or get engaged in arguments, etc. Bitcoin Cash works as the money. That’s enough reason for me. Let’s keep building!

Making a mistake- Financially, I guess yes. I accumulated some BCH when the price was much higher in the past- like $800-$3000 per ACH. Now they are worth much less. Though I do think it will be valued much more in the future, you never know how the market behaves, especially for the short term, and you should be responsible for how much money I put in.

2. Why do you believe in the ability of others to do what you do?

Answer: I absolutely feel everyone can do what I am doing, because I am no one special, with no technical background like many of the early adopters of Bitcoin have, nor do I have special sales skills.

As for organizing meetups, this is absolutely what many people can do. I believe anyone with passion can be a great organizer or co-organizer of meetups. Here are some of the articles that I wrote in the past that describe more about what I do. 

How to Organize Meetup in 20 mins (my original article on Honest. cash seems to be gone so here is CoinSpice’s coverage of it):

Organizer’s Job at the Meetup:

3. Can you explain more about the Global Merchant Adoption campaign?

Answer: Sure! Satoshi’s Angels started this campaign a few weeks ago, where anyone in the world can earn up to $30 in BCH, by helping a local business like a cafe, restaurant, bar, shop, etc., accept BCH as payments. You can use any BCH service to do this, from wallets to POS services including wallet,’s BCH Register app, Edge wallet, Anypay, GoCrypto, Bitpay, etc. Basically anything available in your country that has BCH as a payment option will qualify. We wanted to make this campaign as simple and easy as possible so people like you can easily join. I hope you will join this campaign Marylin, and I hope people around you will as well! You often ask how you can earn BCH to help your family or local people in the Philippines, and I think this is one of the answers. 

If you have any questions, you can reach out to me, Monica Rea, or Satoshi’s Angels team.  You can see the full instructions here

We are also going to plan another follow-up campaign, where you will be rewarded by making sure the merchants you onboard keep accepting BCH in the future. Details to come later. 

4. What is the mission of your Campaign?

Answer: To bring more adoption of BCH to the world by increasing the number of merchants accepting BCH, and also for people to learn about useful crypto payment services.

I helped some merchants accept BCH and I tell you, it feels great! You are helping them by introducing a new way of accepting payments, bringing them business, and you are helping the BCH ecosystem as a whole, and bringing more financial freedom to people around the world.

5. What do you see in BitcoinCash in 2021?

I think it is up to us individuals what will happen with Bitcoin Cash in 2021, especially in terms of adoption. 

Bitcoin Cash works perfectly with lots of dedicated people and businesses working on it behind it, with a passionate community of people like you and I. It works perfectly as cash, which costs almost nothing to send across anywhere around the world, it can be transferred from a person to person directly, with nothing stopping it. What I can say is, every person can help Bitcoin Cash grow. You can help your friends and family learn how to use BCH, you can organize meetups in your city and help local people learn about it, or you can help a restaurant accept BCH. You don’t have to know everything about Bitcoin Cash to help. In terms of the price (which many people are naturally interested in), no one can ray. I think BCH has all the reasons to be valued much more, but the market is not rational, so I can not ray. But I do personally think it should be valued much more.

6. What can you say to the BCH users who are afraid to take a good opportunity?

If you are afraid of risking your money by buying BCH, start small. Get a small amount first, try using it. You will see how useful it is.
You can also obtain BCH without spending your money. You can join our global merchant adoption campaign and earn BCH, write something on read. cash, join the local meetups and get some BCH to give away, and so on. If you don’t have any BCH and are interested in using it, send me a DM on Twitter and I will give you BCH or ask Marylin so she can give you some BCH and I can pay her back later:)

Twitter: @YokooAkane


As I read your answer just to be by your side you are just talking to me and saying "Hey, wake up because we are in the early stage of a new revolutionary technology that could change the way money works worldwide ". You always show the reality to everyone!

Thank you sis @AkaneYokoo for your time. I know that this interview with you was sudden and I know you are a very busy person but you still gave me time to make this short interview successful and to help other BCH users even in this way. The more I learned from you, the more I was inspired by what you said.

I hope you learned a lot about BCH at the end of this year. If you want to be part of the BCH community do not be shy to ask them and contact them. I always pray that Covid disappears from us so that I can join you but it is still difficult to act because it is still lockdown and not everyone here in our community has an internet connection because they still prioritize food rather than attaching wifi or load. Maybe soon, if COVID is gone or if our community is not on lockdown.

Thank you very much and I'm happy to say that "THIS is the LAST ARTICLE THAT I PUBLISHED THIS YEAR (2020) with my interview with one of WoMan BCH Enthusiasts"

Again, Happy New Year BCH Community!

Enjoy this day! Let's celebrate the new year with Bitcoin Cash.

Welcome Bitcoin Cash 2021!

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Written by   289
4 months ago
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Well done @Mark012207 ! Akane Yokoo is an inspiration for all of us!

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Agree with you. Thank you😊!

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