Time to UnLearn

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1 year ago

For 49 years I've learned. Many easy lessons. Many hard lessons...

The truth is, I need the hard lessons the most because those are the real wake up calls.

In a world without pain, people don't learn, therefore they don't evolve. In a world without hardship, people tend to get soft and accommodated, no need to go beyond. If there's no problem, why look for a solution??

Today I understand and I am deeply thankful for all the dark days and the struggle.

But what have I learned?? Mostly that I must Unlearn so many things in order to be what I was born to be.

Since children we're all taught to feel safe near the people that share the same blood, same gender, same religion, the same country...

And of course, to avoid all that are different.

Being the same is important in society, wearing the same clothes as magazine models, the air style, what ever makes you feel accepted as one of them. Being part of a group make people feel secure.

I call myself a CaveWoman. Of course I like to be accepted, just never try to blend in.

Being born a twin made me feel the burden of being compared with my sister all the time. Even with almost 50 y our mother keeps comparing us, as if we should be more alike.

What do I learn from that?? To be different.

What do I teach my 4 sons: to be different

Because different doesn't mean Separated. Means we are all Cells in One body, all different, all unique, all essential

Separation is a different concept. It's the name of a dangerous disease many humans are suffering now

We, as a species, allowed ourselves to be separated from all the others, after centuries of indoctrination, wrongly leading us to believe that Humans are superior to all other beings on Mother Earth

We, as a species, allowed ourselves to be separated by colors, imaginary lines on the ground, imaginary Super Beings in the sky, political parties, Football teams...

Everything serves to separate us from the other Humans ... And from Mother Earth.

Now, with a virus shutting down people even more, people are more isolated and lonely than ever. We see that all the time, social platforms are full of lonely people looking for connection, feeling sad and depressed.

Times of darkness call for a bigger number of Beacons arising. What we should learn is to Unite and Help in order to survive.

I believe Mother Earth is sending us a message. And the message is LOVE

Because if we don't Love enough to change centuries of wrong ideas, humans will continue to suffer until we all learn the lesson.

And i am talking about a LOVE that involves every living being in the Planet, not just a hand full chosen by society

A return to the land and Nature and everything that truly matters is crucial. Most people just can't relate without being there. Surrounded by brick walls and pollution, its hard to believe in solutions so simple, yet so complex.

I will use my mom for example again; she cries if she sees an animal hurting. She would never be capable of killing her own food. But in a butcher shop she can't see the animal, all she sees is food. Those pieces of meat don't look like the alive animal. It's meant to be this way, to separated people from their own feelings.

Separated from each other, people cling to old beliefs. But that only leads to Darkness and Fear.

There a major Wave happening, a Global shift that's winning ground. More and more people realizing that the time to Change is Yesterday.

More and more people waking up to the concept that we are nothing alone, only together we can build a world for the future generations.

"The same person that loves the pet... Eats the little pig; The same person that smiles when sees a butterfly ... Steps on the caterpillar" - these concepts are doomed to be over soon, Humans cannot decide who lives, who's worth, who's beautiful.

So much to learn

Most of all, so much to Unlearn

The First and Most Important Lesson is: After centuries of old ideas leading us to Darkness, its time to start over.

Until then, people will continue to feel sad and depressed


Ending thoughts:

It's frightening to think that Humans will change only when there's no other way, probably too late.

Specially because I truly think we could make an Amazing Eden with only 2 rules: LOVE & RESPECT

In the movies -made by humans - in case there's not enough for all, the Strongest and the Fittest will take charge. Fear, Hate and Violence will dominate.

It's sad bacause it would be so much simple to Unite and Build a fair World for all.


LoveLearnLaughLive ❤️


I probably drifted from the primary subjects, but... you know me 🤪 @fantagira @JLoberiza @JonicaBradley

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1 year ago


Ahh.. Mother nature has always been trying to teach us. Trying to forest our ways... Do we learn? That's why mother nature gives us a little spanking from time to time. Thanks for the mention

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1 year ago

It's like emptying your cup every time. Just when we thought we already knew something, we will come to realize that what we knew was wrong. So we should be open to ideas, learn from others be it old or young for everyone has something to offer.

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1 year ago

You couldn't have said it better. We all have to unlearn. And it seems that time is playing against, and there aren't still promising signs. I also think of my son, who is now 17 years old. In what kind of world will he have to live if what he has seen so far is difficult enough. I've been wondered if we are on the verge of the end of a cycle in human history. I liked your article. :)

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1 year ago

I keep animals for food. Until they are good they are my babies, with names and hugs and love. They are more like pets than livestock. Until it's time for them to become food. I actually believe this is the way things are meant to be and over industrialization of the food chain has made 95% of the human race lose touch with Mother Earth. That's just my opinion, though. I liked your article. It could've also been used for the prompt: simlarities. Also also, I notice you don't have a sponsor bar. If you want one, you can head over to my profile and look for the article on how to get sponsorships.

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1 year ago

I am vegan. But all my family isn't. And, ad you say, it's better to eat "food" that's been loved and run free. My husband built a hennery many years ago, I take care of them, they have a lot of open space outside and inside. I think it's better than eat the poor animals that never seen the light of day. Newbie mistake, now I already unblocked the bar Thank you!!!

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1 year ago

Love tastes better than fear.

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1 year ago

Well said Marisa, although looking around I don't think we have enough time to wake up. Like you said yourself the time for change was yesterday and most didn't hear the wake up call.

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1 year ago

That saddens me, i think about my boys and all this young generations...hope all this is just a school and we all learn and evolve to a higher level

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1 year ago

I don't know. I have not much hope. Just one of the reasons why I decided not to have children.

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1 year ago