I Woke up and Choose Violence

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"Mac you're getting fat"

"You look like Harry Roque"

" You should take engineering or medicine courses. It makes you rich kase."

"Soon, let me ride in your Van mac ha"

"Huh? You took up Education? What will you do? Give countless of projects?"

My aunts line whenever I visit my mom in our province. The typical aunt that is skinny, with the pale white face because of rejuvenating set and dark tone neck. She always draws her eyebrows with black eyeliner. If you can see it in person it looks like a Mayon Volcano with a perfect cone shape.

According to my mom her "sister" tata was my Lolo and Lola's favorite child. Well, aside from not having a child she can definitely give my grandparents "wants". I always hate aunt tata because she also hates me hahahaha. Among my sisters they are all under my aunt but me? Never. I dare to talk back to her every time she disrespect my parents. One time, since I'm a "contesero" student after joining regional competition and bring medal, I go directly to my Lola (She is always sweet and Loving) and the evil spirits will always watch me in my back. She always say "swerte lang mana" (I won because of luck) I answer her " At least ako maka apil ug maka dog" (At least I can join and win) she angrily walks away, in terms of academic excellence I can be the top, but during her time she doesn't like involving herself in extracurricular activities. She wants us to have a low profile in school just like she did when studying. We graduate in the same school and she hates to compare and that was what I'm doing whenever she interfere HAHAHA

The bottom line here is many people may not support us even our relatives. We must believe in ourselves and don't listen to them. They will never feed us when we lost all things we have. Stand on your feet and prove them they are wrong.

Maybe it's an immature way to wake up and choose to stand back against my aunt but my philosophy in life? Whoever disrespects my parents are my enemy. No one dares to hurt them physically or emotionally. I might have regrets in life but talking back to my aunts is not one of them hahahaha

I'm getting fat?

I was fed properly by my parents. I can earn money to buy the foods I want. I'm not a picky eater. I eat what my mom cooks.

I should take Medicine and Engineering courses?

Never. It's not my field and I'm the one working soon, I don't want to work in a job that I don't like. It's me who studies and not my aunt.

I will not be rich in taking up Education Program?

As long as I can feed and treat my family who cares. My aunt is not even rich. But when I earn my own money I will make sure to invest in my growth. I'm a risk-taker, I can venture into many fields soon.

Closing thoughts

Remember to expect people who are pressed, are tend to fight back. We do not live in the 19's where old people are always right. We have the voice to stand up against this kind of people, strangers or relatives. Many people will congratulate us but are absent when we need them in the process. But our parents? They will always stay, loving and understanding.

I'm excited to go back in our province today and look in my aunts face while saying "I'm already in my last semester of college, and guess what I will graduate different from what you say"

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Kainggetera pod anang ante nmu Marcos ui nakaminus halata kaayo na nasuya jud sya kay nabuhat nmu ang mga butang nga wala niya naachieve sauna. Toxic yarn? Haha laban lang uys

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1 year ago

Wala syay mabuhat pero kalipay nasad nako ang mga bwesit sya kang HAHHAHAA

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1 year ago

Grabe naman yung aunt mo friend. Nakakagulat. Instead na maging proud sayo. Gusto niya pang wala kang achievements. Ba't kaya ganun? Mismong relatives mo pa magtutulak sayo pababa. Dapat maging proud sana at maging masaya. May mga tao talagang ganyan friend. Don't mind them. Focus ka lang sa mga goals mo. Prove them they are wrong.

Pero natawa ako dun sa dark tone neck at Mayon Volcano. Ikaw talaga friend. 😅

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1 year ago

Yes friend laban lang walang magagawa di nawawala ganyang tao. Cge lang soon papatayin ko sya sa ingit hahahaha

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1 year ago

Laban future Teacher!💪 Sakit man huna.hunaon, pero naa juy ing.ana nga mga tawo sa atung palibot. Makasamot sa sakit kanang mismong kadugo ra pud nimo ang muduot nimo paubos. Pero, I am proud na nakaya nimo nga mu.stand gyud sa kung unsa ang imong gusto. Wa ka nagpakugang sa imong Auntie. As in, grabeha man pud siya ma.friend uie. Dili naman pud maayo iyahang ginabuhat. Pero, sige ra. Pagsuway ra na ang tanan. Ug I know, maka.prove gyud ka sa iyahan na mali iyang paglantaw. Go ra!

Piskot! Katawaa naho sa Mayon Volcano ug dark tone neck. As in? Tinuod jud ma.friend? 🤣

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1 year ago

Ana jud sya, di sya gusto naay mu asenso sa pamilya mao nay mga utok talangka froend. Di naman mag sakit akong dughan maka kita nya run kay kasukol naman ko hahahaha patyun nako sya sa kasuya😂

Jid friend ay ga rejuvinating set wa apila ang liog wa napantay ang kolor sa panit. Nya nipis man kaayo tog kilay mangilay to jusko murag babae sa sinaunang panahon, hait kaayong kilay

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1 year ago