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SLP Tokens - Bringing Trillions of Dollars of Investment into Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash

One of the things I am most bullish on within Bitcoin Cash right now is Simple Ledger Protocol tokens (

We perhaps do not hear about SLP tokens as much as we did maybe 6 months or so ago but I still believe this is quite possibly the thing we should all be keeping a close eye on over the next few years.

I have continually thought about ways I could get involved in the Bitcoin Cash space and allow I have no computer science background I think it is perhaps feasible that one day I or anyone could launch Real Estate fundraising projects on SLP given my experience.

Real Estate

Real estate / Property investment is probably the most agreed upon asset class that you should store your wealth in. There is trillions of dollars sitting in real estate that could surely start making it's way over to Bitcoin Cash.

I have experience in Real Estate prior to ever discovering Bitcoin Cash, and investing in real estate had always been the way I saw myself becoming financially indepedent and escaping the rat race.

This mindset probably is from the effect reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad had on me at a young age.

Bringing Passive Income to Bitcoin Cash

Surely it is feasible that we could soon start tokenizing real estate assets and bring them over to Bitcoin Cash, thus lowering the barrier of entry to people to invest in property and also allowing people to actualise some of their Bitcoin Cash gains without fully cashing out into the fiat system.

I picture a World where property investors can pitch their investment to people on a platform such as Flipstarter, provide a breakdown of all the costs involved and the expected yield this will produce for them. For example:

  • Purchase price

  • Refurbishment costs

  • Taxes

  • Letting agency fees, etc.

A crowdfunding target of say 500 BCH could be set, where your money only leaves your wallet once the target has been reached and SLP tokens are then distributed to all the participants in a percentage of investment basis.

Ownership of these tokens would then bring monthly or annual dividends in the form of Bitcoin Cash through rental income, therefore "normal" people so to speak could feasibly start to live off their Bitcoin Cash investment.

Incentivize Adoption

Real estate investment in Bitcoin Cash could incentivize adoption through a few ways:

  • People being able to invest in Real Estate and achieve passive income easier than in the current banking World where they would most likely have to raise all the funds themselves.

  • Tenants could be offered a small discount if they agree to pay in Bitcoin Cash, thus benefiting the tenant to buy and learn about Bitcoin Cash, the discount would also be somewhat negated to the investor by less transaction and exchange fees going from fiat to BCH.

  • Further down the line who is to say we could not see Bitcoin Cash communities where apartment complexes are fully owned and rented out in BCH. Similar to the Free State project in New Hampshire.

    Imagine how many businesses would then HAVE to start adopting Bitcoin Cash in that area?

    The Next Stage

    SLP tokens seem the next stage for me with Bitcoin Cash adoption. It is great being able to buy things using my Bitcoin Cash and getting paid in Bitcoin Cash (even through producing articles like this) is genuinely amazing and earning BCH feels so much more better than buying it.

    I see being able to invest your Bitcoin Cash in projects as being the next great adoption stage now where entrepreuners are encouraged to come on over to Bitcoin Cash.

    I really do hope I can read back on this article in a few years and be living off Bitcoin Cash.

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Written by   26
1 year ago
Topics: Bitcoin Cash
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Good idea,

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1 year ago

Great idea! I also enjoyed Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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1 year ago

One of my favourites for sure! Cashflow quadrant is another good one of his

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1 year ago