A Message to BTC Maximalists - Are you Starting to See the Game Plan Yet?

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3 years ago

Bitcoin was created to disrupt the global financial system.

The writing has been on the wall for the BTC project since Blockstream managed to hijack the entire narrative and direction of BTC.

The censoring of anything that did not align with their business plan was unforgivable and anyone who pretends to align with "censorship resistant money" should have spoken out more and looked at why this was going on.

People like Andreas Antonopoulos have sold their souls to the devil. Don't believe me? Look at his speeches back in the early days of Bitcoin and ask yourself if the current Bitcoin Core project is working towards them or away from them? He is indebted to his donors after the BTC price skyrocketed so we can forget him ever admitting to his mistakes, instead we will see a change in his message slowly over time until he is basically advocating for a Paypal 2.0.


This is your King BTC!? This!?

How moronic does this look, if you can't see what is happening right before you then all hope is lost.

It is good to see people within BTC still speak out but that is not enough, nobody has the power to implement or change anything in BTC anymore unless they are aligned with Blockstream's vision of creating a business out of limiting BTC at the protocol level!?

Don't believe me? See below.

Core Arguments

The arguments I hear from Core can be summed up in "look at the price". Looking at where the price right now is such a weak argument.

Step back and look at the market share BTC has been losing and will continue to lose because no innovation is happening there.


Remember Vitalik wanted to launch his project on Bitcoin however when it became clear certain developers would be at WAR with him he opted to start Ethereum.

Other coins too started to flourish as Bitcoin would not innovate, Monero getting privacy advocates, DASH getting people interested in digital cash. All these coins were only ever possible because Bitcoin failed to innovate and move with the times. In technology that is only going to end one way.

Bitcoin Cash

That is why I will forever be grateful to the people who decided to fork off and create Bitcoin Cash back in 2017, however forking alone did not guarantee optimism.

The community rallying behind Bitcoin Cash is what has kept us going despite constant attacks and negativity by people in this space who really should know better.

Bitcoin Cash right now is what Bitcoin was meant to be, literally the only thing we do not have is the original ticker and therefore network effects. However, these network effects are really negligible when BTC is not being designed to be used as money!

The opportunity is now for Bitcoin Cash, it is amazing seeing development teams get funded and community efforts in places like South America and Africa really pushing adoption out there.

We are already addressing so many of the flaws that led to the creation of these altcoins on Bitcoin Cash:

  • Ethereum - SLP Tokens

  • Monero - Cash Fusion

  • Dash - Block Size Increase

This is why for me personally I see no reason to diversify my own cryptocurrency investments, I totally understand why people do as due to the way this market operates of course I will miss out on gains here and there if I was a trader but I am not. I am simply a man who wants to see a global peer to peer electronic cash begin to dominate and provide financial independence to every individual in the World.

I am happy to take a position in this, dollar cost average throughout the journey and help donate to projects that I see can get us to our goals quicker.

I actually cannot wait for the BTC price to increase because when this happens the flaws with BTC in transaction fees and times become so much more obvious. Do not fear when this happens maxis, there is still time for you to come back into Bitcoin.

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3 years ago


I think any of the top 10 or 20 coins will do well. Obviously some more than others. But BCH is definitely a good one on mass adoption. Costs are low but speed still and issue.

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3 years ago

but speed still and issue.

You mean until you get a confirmation?

There's several ideas being implemented to make zero-conf much more trustworthy (https://news.bitcoin.com/new-storm-concept-could-strengthen-bitcoin-cash-instant-transactions/ for example).

Then payments will be near-instant. They already are if you trust 0-conf (for coffee purchases, topping up your blockchain.poker account and so on)

In case you're talking about exchanges requiring copious amounts of confirmations: that's on the exchanges, not BCH.

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3 years ago

Yeah instant or near instant is the mark to reach. Some with ecosystems are close to that.Ok 0 confirms with the features you said would work. Wait and see.

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3 years ago

Bitcoin was created to disrupt the global financial system. Better crypto currencies will be created to disrupt Bitcoin.

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3 years ago

Very gud writeup

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3 years ago