What did I get sick of and what are the causes?

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I've been a bit lost from Read.Cash because I'm on sleep, and the first thing they took away from me is my phone, I can't spend much time on the phone, that's why I've only been active posting and responding to comments, I hope tomorrow I'll feel much better and give them all my love and support on their articles.

First of all, I want to thank all of you, for reading me in all my articles, for not stopping reading me and always being there for me.

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Without further ado, welcome to my article for today...

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It all started on Monday...

It all started on Monday, when I just woke up, when I got out of bed I felt like the whole world was spinning, my head also started to move in that same direction, but wait, my stomach also started to spin, let's say that Monday I didn't wake up with the right foot.

But well, everything went very fast, since when I was brushing my teeth I no longer felt anything.

I leave the bathroom, I drink my coffee as usual and my mom tells me that my brother would not go to kindergarten, because she would take him to the doctor, so she asked me to go to the clinic and make an appointment for that same day with a pulmonologist .

I arrived at the clinic around 7am, there weren't many people to see, so I signed up my little brother and went home quietly.

I had breakfast, and I went with my mom for the appointment with the pulmonologist, my brother was checked and everything was a simple allergy, everything was fine with him so we left the clinic very happy...

First dizziness...

I was sitting at the dining room table, waiting for the lunch that my mother was preparing for me, when she called me to get my plate of food that she had served, I had a great dizziness, I saw how everything around me was spinning very aggressively, both that my whole body lost its balance and I leaned against the wall, the dizziness was so strong that I felt that the wall was falling.

My mom ran out to catch me because I was about to fall, when the most horrible feeling I felt was the urge to vomit.

I hadn't fainted, because I hadn't lost consciousness, but I had gotten dizzy and lost my balance.

At that very moment I sat down, and my desire to vomit had increased, so I did not eat lunch.

I just thought it was labyrinthitis, because it is something that my mother suffers from and I thought that I also suffered from it, since two years ago I suffered from the same thing.

That day I spent the whole day sitting on a piece of furniture fighting the urge to vomit, I wasn't sick to my stomach but when I got dizzy and lost my balance my stomach turned.

I didn't pay much attention to it because at night I felt much better, a little weak and shaky but I hadn't felt dizzy anymore, so I slept well.

The worst dizziness of all...

On Tuesday I woke up happy because at night I no longer felt anything, so I dedicated myself to work, since I had lost Monday.

I started reading articles, commenting and writing my article for that corresponding day.

That day, I had a lot of remorse for having missed my first day of exercise of month 3, so on Tuesday I woke up wanting to do my routine, because I already felt much better and had no more dizziness.

At approximately 3 in the afternoon I am going to exercise, that day I had to do my buttocks, so I went to the gym.

I wanted to exercise that day because according to me I was fine, but it was a very bad idea, because on the hamstring machine, where I had to lie face down, to lift weights with the hamstrings, I had to hold on tightly to the machine because I felt like I was going around with the machine, I just saw a whirlpool.

It was very difficult to stand up from that machine, I felt like I was going to lose my balance and fall hard to the ground, luckily the trainer noticed and quickly helped me.

I hadn't said anything to him, so he got upset, first for not saying anything and second for exercising like that, something serious could have happened, he told me.

So I called my dad to pick me up at the gym so I could get home safe and sound.

My stomach was upset again and that was the worst day, I lasted all afternoon with nausea and dizziness, I felt very weak and shaky.

The worst moment was at bedtime, since I lay in bed and everything was spinning, therefore my stomach was churning at all times.

That night I did not sleep at all, I felt very bad, my head also began to play against me, since it did not stop sending me bad thoughts.

In the darkness of my room, I felt like everything was moving and I didn't see anything, I couldn't move or change position because I immediately got dizzy, the worst thing is that I felt like I was passing out every time.

It was the worst night...

Wednesday was a little better...

That day the only thing I was tired, since I hadn't slept at all, I was also very weak, but I didn't feel as dizzy as the previous days.

My mom told me I had to go to a doctor, but the doctor who always sees me didn't see me that day, so I had to wait until Thursday.

tell you something? The mind always plays against us, because I was afraid of having a disease, I knew it wasn't pregnancy because I don't have a partner or an active sex life, so that was ruled out, thank the Lord, but nevertheless that also gave me afraid, because it could be a disease, so I was scared, I spent the whole day with anxiety to know what was happening to my body and why I was having these dizziness.

I go to the doctor...

I went to the doctor very early on Thursday, I remember that my mom and I arrived at 8am in the morning, but the doctor had many patients so we went in at almost 12pm.

My anxiety level increased, since I didn't want to receive bad news, my mom was also a little scared but we decided to have faith in God and trust that everything would be fine.

The secretary calls us to enter the office, and there the doctor begins to examine me completely, first she begins by examining my ears, since I had told her that I thought it was labyrinthitis, but it turns out that it was not because I did not have inflammation in the ears, nor earache my headache, so that was ruled out.

He checks my eyes, and everything was fine, the nose and everything was fine, the mouth was fine, but the glands in my neck were a little swollen, and he also saw symptoms in my body that I was a little dehydrated, so he asked me if He was drinking water, I told him no, he asked me if I urinated frequently and I said yes, so that's where he gave me the diagnosis.

I have dizziness...

What is the cause?

He realized that my problem was not in the nervous system, but in the central system.

One of the great causes of vertigo is not drinking water, since it influences the oxygenation of the brain and the vital signs of the body, which is why the loss of balance of the body is caused and that is the cause of dizziness.

Another one too, is stress and anxiety, they generate an emotional vertigo, and lately it came from very stressful days.


He simply ordered me to drink 2 liters of water a day and to have long periods of time without using the phone, since staring so hard or being focused on work all day can generate stress or anxiety and that is never good when it comes to mental stability. of the body.

He also sent me rest, not to be on the phone too much these days.

To check my levels, he sent me to do a complete hematology exam, to do an exact ama study.

He also sent me a pill for dizziness and nausea so for a month I have to drink it.

Final Thoughts:

Never leave your health in second place, health is the most important thing so at the first alarm that your body gives you, take it and pay attention to it.

Don't make the mistake of not paying your symptoms and pretending everything is fine, health first.

I want you to know that this is the reason why I have not been fully active with you, but first my health friends, I love you very much and take care, drink water and rest.

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Drink a lot and Pee a lot, eh sorry for the joke. But we people whose most of time is spent on screen we need to drink extra water. You would be surprised but if I am in home in all day I drink around 6-7 litres of water a day in summer season. Can't remember about the winter. And remember health is the real wealth.

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1 year ago

WowWow, you do know, or I don't know anything hahaha but that's what the doctor told me, that those of us who work at home should drink a lot of water and sunbathe. 6 or 7 free is too much for me, but I must go to that way. By the way, you are right, health is the most important thing

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1 year ago

My dear Maria, I am very sad about the problems you had with your health these past few days. Dizziness and nausea are very bad and annoying feelings. Thank God the doctor realized your problem. Take good care of yourself my friend, and rest well. Exactly dear, health is the most important thing, and we should put it in first place...

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1 year ago

Don't be sad dear friend, I already feel much better:) Yes, the worst thing about dizziness is nausea, it's definitely the worst. Yes, now I have to take better care of myself and pay more attention to myself, I didn't know the importance of drinking water, take care of yourselves and drink water

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1 year ago

Our health is important and we need to take good care of it. I love to drink more water daily because I know its benefits and I am trying to give myself rest from stress and anxiety too.

Thank God your sickness wasn't a serious one but needs to be constant with drinking a lot of water and taking much rest.

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1 year ago

Yes, you are right, because I always try to drink water but I forget, this time it will be different, because my health is at stake and if, thank God, it is something that has a quick solution, it was just a warning

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1 year ago

I wish you a speedy recovery. Water is life

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1 year ago

Yes, you are absolutely right, nothing like water for the well-being of the body.

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1 year ago