The Initial Greeting of the Gift-Giving Season.

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Some of you might know that we don’t celebrate what the majority used to celebrate every December 25th. We don't celebrate it not because we don't want to feel the essence of Christmas but we don’t celebrate it because of my religion. It is a religious sort of thing but who doesn't want the vibe that Christmas day is giving? It is evident that Christmas is the happiest day not only in my country but it also shares in the whole planet as most of us have the time to spend the day with the family. Even though Christmas day is not on my list, I still love the presence we feel during this season because of how it is so-called; the gift-giving season wherein I could say the season that we give special gifts to the people we love in a year aside from birthdays. Who doesn't love this season? I don't believe they don't, there is something in this season that is memorable for every human being on this planet.

Anyways, I went to the market on Tuesday, October 11. The market has eventually changed accordingly to what season is coming as they started to sell some Christmas stuff even though there is a month called November that will come first. I love the vibe in every supermarket, especially the one that I went it because they started to play some nostalgic songs by Mariah Carey and Jose Mari Chan. The shop was full of Christmas lights and the garlands caught me off guard as the colors they sell are the ones that I love the most. I was flabbergasted also by the flower-of-Christmas or should I say poinsettia. Though it was only fake, the innovation of creating and selling different kinds and colors of it makes me blush because as a visual artist myself, I am in love with colorful and catchy colors of items. I was encouraged by what I see but I cannot pursue it because I can’t use it at home. After all, we don't celebrate Christmas so it has no reason for me to buy one.

But, You know, what I have observed also is the price of not just only the Christmas stuff but all, literally all of you can see in the market. Even though the given fact that items will go costly every Christmas is serving every year, this year’s story is another story to look at due to the inflation we are experiencing. Well, some things happened months ago that is why we are experiencing this but what makes me sad is the condition of our surroundings—we observed that the price of the necessary items is increasing day-by-day but the salary hasn’t been moved at all. Then, what should we do? I don’t know either, as of now, we have no choice but to go with the flow because even though we work hard on our jobs, it just seems like we are also getting what we get when we don't move.

On the other hand, I prepared well and accumulated well some money to use on Tuesday because my original plan was to only get a haircut but I suddenly remember that I also need to buy some items that I already lack with. I bought only 5 Items; batteries, Salicylic acid, a 1/8 illustration board, an index card, and a pen. I only bought a few things but I ended up almost having no money because their original price went up from the last time I went to the market. I have no offense with this but I have many worries after this experience. 3 years ago, when there is no such virus in the world, 100 pesos is enough to buy more than I bought on Tuesday, but it seems like even though I tripled a hundred pesos, it won't still be enough to buy the things I need.

I don’t know what this really indicates and where this is going but I am sure of a thing: this coming big event in the world will be the most expensive in history in terms of buying items. There will be no words but just a sigh will complete the statement after we buy our things. I just hope that Santa is a real thing because if he was, we will just will that he give us tons of money and use it to buy these things we are complaining about. Nonetheless, the Christmas season is getting nearer and nearer, and even though we don’t celebrate it, I still wish that smother life will come in each and every one of us because we all deserve it after all of what happened these years. May this coming season of giving gifts become a twist for us in which we receive the gift the wanted the most.

Thank you for reading this article.

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