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2 months ago

Its been more than a decade has passed

The last time I saw you still paints

in my heart like those morning drops

on the leaves this morning..

Yes, I remember you today.

I remember the days we missed

and those memories that I've kept.

I do not know how you've been

but I prayed for your safety as always.

I do not know if you still remember me

If I will still have a chance to see you again.

Perhaps we have scars in our hearts

We have things left unsaid and uncertainties in our hearts.

I do not know how it all started

Though the pain I've felt seems to deepen inside

Now, I am crying inside as my eyes

bath in the midnight raindrops

Hoping this heartache will be washed out.

📷 Lead image by Unsplash

Thank you for reading this impromptu work of mine. At times if I felt heavy in my heart, I cannot help but write.

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2 months ago