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2 years ago
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When was the last time you visited one of the communities on here?

Not just visiting the ones you created just because you got a notification to moderate a post submitted to a community you manage, but because you want to check out the posts submitted to a community.

The communities have for long become somewhat of an article dump ground for most users - where we just submit articles with very few users ever visiting these communities to check out what's new. Now with the introduction of "Topics", the communities have become less significant.

I believe we all know what communities are, for those who don't know especially the newbies - Communities are sub-groups within dedicated to a particular topic or idea where you can submit or post articles related to the communities' topic and discuss. You can join if you like the topic(s) covered by the community. You can also leave at any time.

When was the last time I visited a community to read and react to articles submitted within?

To be honest, it's been more than a month. And the last time I visited was because I got a notification of submitted posts that needed moderation. After that, I have never visited any till date. But within the same period, I have submitted a couple of articles to some communities which were accepted.

This may be true for most but not all users. I believe some users are actively involved in the communities they have joined. When writing I visited the "Communities" page to check out the trending communities for the day. The top five were moderated by either @wakeupkitty and @heartbeat1515 or @Our.journey I could say they are the most active community users (if that's a thing).

When I joined 6 months ago, I was eager to try out the "Communities" feature. I visited and joined as many communities as possible that covers topics I was interested in. I also created a couple of communities, especially on topics I could find a community for. I was very active and enjoyed the moderation role. I also created a community I used for a little competition for newbies. Where I reward newbies of not more than 2 weeks on the platform for reading and engaging on posts. That was my most active community. I ended the contest when I could not keep up with the stress, and that was the end of the community.

I also created some communities I thought would be useful at the time, but we're left inactive. And I have abandoned some. I wanted to delete them but there was no option for that. You can only exit the community, but not delete. You can correct me if I am wrong.

Why I talked about communities suddenly?

I don't even know why. Oh! Now I remember. One of the users I referred to asked me earlier today;

"Ronald, what's the benefit and significance of the "Communities" on"

Me: "They are subgroups where you can submit your posts related to the topics of the community"

He: "I thought that's what "Topics" are for? With topics, the communities are useless"

Well, I couldn't explain further. Wish I had more to say. Though Communities and Topics may seem the same, they are different.

I wish there is more to the communities on

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2 years ago
Topics: Reality, Communities


Great read! Here's my take on this for today

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2 years ago

I still moderate on a, nearly, daily base. I say nearly because my connection doesn't always allows me too. I do read most of the posts too before I submit.

We started with topics and next they were removed. Later the communities were introduced and with them all kind of other things were tried out and spam and scam started. It's hard to keep a community clean especially if you are not the only one who moderates. To me a community is totally different from topics. The community free writing for example. You write 10 minutes about whatever you like. This means the topics are diverse. It's the same with poetry or creativity. It's not that we only write poetry about animals or love.

It's a pity so many moderators gave up on moderating.

It sounds like sense to me a community can not be deleted if articles are added to it. The communities I see as different archives of and the articles are the files.

I started some communities because they are of my interest. This means I post in them and it's also a way to find my articles back in a categorized way.

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2 years ago

Most of the community that I and @Wakeupkitty are in are moderated by my partner. I have been busy for quite some time and just got back again. Even when I'm away I treasure the communities we have.

If you are talking about if there is more to the community. There is for ours. We spent time reading and we make sure that articles that are worth the read stay in. For the other that did not even try to read our rules, we are sorry to reject.

If our moderation is slow, it is because we take time to read and comments on some especially those who are good but need a little bit of something in our opinions. Plus we have daily chores and she had bad internet connection but still, she is better a moderator and admin than I am.

Communities are moderated, which ensure the quality of articles and for topics, you can read everything as long as it is the same topic or maybe not even related to.

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2 years ago