Yesterday, Waterfalls

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September 25, 2021


Days before the fall will be as hard as the exact day that you will fall. Days before, here you will find and know things that are new to you, things will break your heart, and at the same time will build a new foundation and strength for you.

Days before you fall, many people that you call a friend will be somehow so distant when they feel something is about to change. Those smiling faces every morning will be replaced by anger and hate by the time you are about to fall. I don`t know why people do this when you are at the time when you need them most. Is it because they are afraid to lose their name? To lose their reputation? Or to lose some time? I still don`t know why but the only thing that I know is those people that left you in the time of need are meant to be forgotten for the rest of our life.

On the day of the fall, mixed emotions will burst and you have no choice but to take it, sometimes we have a choice but sometimes we don`t have it. We will fight the mighty currents if we want to go back and sometimes it is worth trying, but there is a good thing about falling.

I make a poem about how we struggle to fight in our life, those moments so tough can be so overwhelming, but step by step and with the right knowledge we can make it through.

This poem is called "In the Rocks and Shallow Waters"

Sailing this river for a long time.

Some storm clouds bother thee,

rock and shallow waters on my track.

Never look back for me.


There`s one thing she said, I never forget

When rivers bifurcates,

It`s up to you if you want to rest.

Or continue sailing.


As I gently row my boat downstream

I see people quitting, and

struggling with powerful currents

I can`t help, so I just look at them struggle


At the end of the river, I see

the finals test, waterfalls

so powerful it can destroy boats.

For now, I turn back


As I go back I fight with mighty currents

Struggle with rocks again

I feel like quitting, so I just let go

I face the test again and fall with it


My boat was destroyed, but I know

I can rebuild again, gathering every piece

I sail again, I continue my journey

The waterfall is not the end, I presume...

As I said there are good things about falling, whether alone or with someone. If you fall you will know who are the true people to you, those people that will fall with you and at the same time rise with you, you will know the difference between a true friend and a back bitter.

When you fall, you can always get up and continue, pick up the pieces and build a new empire out of it. It will not be easy but it is still possible. Don`t lose hope when you fall just remember it is part of life and you can and will find a way to make out of this. It is okay to rest a while and think of a new plan and approach, and once you are ready, it is time to continue again, from the ground up.

The Final Way

This time we are facing the end of the river and we are facing the ocean. here we are a different person, so powerful that we are ready for what is coming next. Here we are recovered from the fall and we are well equipped when it is about to happen again. Still we don`t have any idea on what will happen next but we are ready about it, with all of our knowledge acquired. In this time we have our new companion and those who never left us before and after we fall.

The End?

The happy ending only happens in fairy tales, but we can make it happen in real life. before the end, we can still make a big difference in order for us to end it in a good way. We can say sorry to those people we hurt, we can talk to people one last time before we depart, and many more, it is up to you how you want it to end.

But there are ending that are instant, with no warning or clues. That is fine, your memory will live on forever and will affect our lives for the rest of it, your lesson will be remembered and will be passed in the next generation.

The end? Make it the way you wanted it...

This is a continuation of yesterday post, I advice you read it first to know more about the topic.

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Topics: Art, Poem, Health, Emotions, Mental Health, ...