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We go Cycling

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1 month ago

October 9, 2021

Today I wake up very fine and excited to tackle the day will my whole energy. This past day I feel so tired and unmotivated but now I feel great and take some things to do and finish it again until I become tired again.

I wake up early, arrange my bed and clean the house because my dog pee near the bathroom so I need to clean that every time. We don`t have an exam lined up so I have much time to spare to relieve some stress and have fun. yesterday we decided me and my friend decided to go to a tourist attraction near our town and try to apply for a job position as a tour guide.

We wake up early because our time to meet is 8 and I wake up at 6:30 in the morning to prepare everything that I need. I make a coffee and enjoy it until 7 AM. It is near * am but my friend did not respond to all my calls and chat so I know that he is still in sleep and I need to go to his house and wake him up, because when I did not do that will sleep until 10 AM and our plan will be canceled.

So I prepare my bicycle and go to his house not so far from where I live, It will take just 5 mins to go to his house. And I am right he is still asleep comfortably and I wake him up. He immediately gets up and drinks his coffee. His bicycle is still in my house so I go back to my house and wait for him there. Once he arrived we immediately get going to make up for the time we missed.

At the start of our journey, the rain starts to fall and ruins our excitement, because of the rain we proceed to stop for a bit and let the rain pass. After the rain, we get going and headed to our main destination.

Our destination is not too far, only 7 kilometers away from my house, it is a dun short ride until it rains again, but this time It is much heavier and we decide to stop again and find some shed to let the rain pass.

When the rain passes we decide to go and fast to reach the farm we need to go and apply for our job. But as we approach the gate we noticed that is close, we thought that we are too early for the opening time but when we checked their Facebook page, they will open next week October 15, 2021. So we decided that we will just email the farm and wait for their response if they need more people for the farm.

After we see that the farm is close until next week, we decided to continue our ride because it is too early and I feel so tired continuously working in my room alone for almost 3 months. We go to Tagaytay and eat in a restaurant offering unlimited chicken wings, french fries, and rice. This restaurant is good and we eat here 2 times this week and it still tastes good. After we eat we decided to stay there and enjoy the view of the Taal lake and volcano for a while while we wait for the sun to shine again.

After a while, we headed home and clean our bicycles. My friend go back to his house but will come back later because we will have a short ride tomorrow and I know it will be fun again.

All Images are from Unsplash

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Written by   41
1 month ago
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