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Take a Rest

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2 months ago

October 3, 2021

It's a great start of the month for me, everything is in the flow I wanted. All the things I have to think are really happening and I am happy about it. The plans I almost think for the whole month of September are really happening. I am happy about and I hope this flow lasts until the end of the year or until next year.

All is flowing great and I like it, But since August start I really don`t have a good day of rest. I sit in front of my computer every day, from 10 AM in the morning until 3 AM in the morning. I know that it is not healthy and it will burn me quickly fast before I can think of it. But for it is good, the feeling of getting everything done in the fastest time I can is incredible.

At first, I want to do this habit only at the beginning of a week, so when I do this, I can finish all my tasks both in school and Other things that I doing. And it worked, all the things on my to-do list are cleared before Wednesday arrives. Many weeks pass by and I did not notice that I do this every single day of the week from Monday to Sunday without fail.

Sometimes I am happy about and I think it is good to be productive every day to get all things done, and I can have much spare time before the end of the week arrive. But as long as I do it, for me there is no spare time, I think all my tasks grow exponentially with the spare time I get.

It is fine for me, as long as I feel happy about it, but when I want to lay in bed and take a rest and watch some shows or anime, I feel like I am being lazy or cheering to myself. I feel like taking a rest is a sin for me, I feel like I have many things to do and I am wasting my time resting.

As long as I do it, it becomes tiring and exhausting, I feel the burn in my min. Sometimes I feel that I have nothing left to write here at read cash, because I think I say all the things I can say. Sometimes I can`t write songs or do my music because I do it all the time in most hours of my day, I feel the burn and my creativity is like draining.

So this morning I know what should I do, I re-check my schedules for the whole week, find every time slot that is free, and make it a rest time. Starting now I will not do anything every Sunday except writing here because I don`t feel good when I don`t write in a day and When there is an examination. I will do things that I only want on Sundays like playing guitars, write songs sometimes, I want to ride my bicycle again, and take a long ride in beautiful places near my location, I want to play with my dog more and I will do that bit by bit every Sunday. I hope taking a rest on Sundays is the right choice, I hope I can regain my creativity during my rest.

Being productive is good and it is different from working. Overworking will lead to the serious thing as time pass by, the thing that we at first can notice, but when the time comes or when it comes worse it will be hard for us to recover form It.

I learned many things this past month, I read a lot of articles and watch many tutorial videos. Because of this, I want to do as many things as I can and I forget what is the most important thing in life. I forgot taking care of our body must be the number one priority.

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Written by   42
2 months ago
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