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Plant Hunting

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October 16, 2021

After a long week of stress and overthinking, I guess all my homework and task is done, the only thing left to do is clean the house. This past week is so stressful, because of the quizzes and the skill demonstration for one of my subject's clinical pathology. It is stressful because it requires us to have an animal that is ready for blood collection. I have a dog with me but it is an American Bully and it is 2 years old, meaning it is big and powerful, it weighs 30 kilos. I and my friend can`t restrain him and I have no experience collecting blood in dogs so I am nervous to do it. Many days later I beg my sister to bring me some alive chicken from our grandparent`s house, she managed to get one and one day later she bring it here. I am so thankful, and now I can rest easy that my skill demonstration is done and I already submitted it to my professor.

My friend wakes me up by calling my name outside the house and saying that the chicken is now dead. At first, I believed him, I quickly get up and look outside the window and seeing that the chicken is alive and kicking.

After seeing that the chicken is alive, I open my door and let my friend walk in, I ask him if he wants some coffee. After we are done talking, I see that today the sunshine was too good and it is a good day to wash my bed covers, and I did. I manage to wash 2 of my covers and hang them outside where the sun hit the most. After I finish hanging my covers, I remember that the dog food container is empty and I need to buy 5 kilos. I get ready and come with my friend to Tagaytay to buy some food for our dogs.

When we are in the car, he said that his sister will come with us and she will buy some plants both for display in their house and to sell some of them, because they have a store near the town center. We pick her up in the clinic with her daughter, in the morning she said that they go to the clinic for a checkup and to buy some medicine for acne. After that, we go to Silang where there are many stores for plants and pots. We spend almost 3 hours there looking for the best plants to buy. I have fun looking at the plants while waiting for them to finish choosing the right one.

For me, it is essential to go outside sometimes so have more sunlight and to rest my eye from the radiation of the computer screen. And at the same time going outside provide me some rest even I am not comfortable enough, because when I am in the house alone, all I can think is to find things to write, learn something on my guitar, or find something to clean in the house, so when I am in the house even I want to rest I can`t totally rest because I always want to do something.

After we finish looking and buying the plant we decided to go home and take a rest. It is Saturday so there is a lot of traffic on the roads especially the road from Dasma to Tagaytay because many of the people from Manila want to rest and spent their weekend in Tagaytay because of the good views and cold weather.

When we reach the house, there is a small gathering and we decided to eat there and the food is so good especially the barbeque. After that we find a person to fix some pants and we did not find him, but we find a good location that is the best to build a house. But for this time, we don't have enough money so I will put it on my dream list.

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Written by   41
1 month ago
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