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At the end of September

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2 months ago
Topics: Success, Health, Hope


September 2021 is about to end, this is a roller coaster ride for me. Full of ups and downs that test my strength both physical and mental health. It also tests my patience and knowledge in life. I think in this month I grow a lot as an adult, I become more careful about my life. I think more before I make decisions and double-checking everything before I proceed. And I also learn how to manage my time well and I learn a little bit about how to manage my money properly.

The Beginning of the Month

At the begging of the month, I decided to buy a computer to help me in my online class. I get a Windows computer With Intel 10 generation 10 in an ASUS motherboard, with 8 GB of ram, 128 SSD, 500HDD, and a generic case for it. A shop in GMA Cavite assembled it and it is so good. At first, I bought a 22 inches LG monitor for it, but I bought it second-hand so I broke fast, then my mother bought me TLC 32 inches TV to be my monitor, and it's the best thing I ever had.

Having a computer is so efficient, you can do many things at once and it is so fast. Last year I used a Teclast p20 HD tablet for my online class and it is hard. Some of the features of the tablet can keep up with the demand of the online class. Thankfully my brother bought it and I used the money to add when I buy my computer.

This computer is very good for everyday use, it is good in writing here in, I also connect it to my drawing tablet and it is amazing.

The Start of the Online Class

This month the Online class of 2021-2022 started. I take up many courses as I can to maximize this school year, I take 8 Courses, like Veterinary Research, Clinpath Laboratory, Surgery 2 Laboratory, Parasitology 2, Radiology, Epidemiology, Wildlife, and Physiology 3. This semester is running smoothly for me, I have better plans and time management, I can study and do the things that I love like playing guitar and writing here on


This month I also got infected by Covid-19 and eventually before the 3 weeks of September I am declared negative. At the begging of this month, I am infected by Covid brought by my brother who visited me here in my house in Mendez, Cavite. On the first day, I immediately feel some symptoms of the virus-like fever and a sore throat, so I reported it to the authorities, in that same day they called me and ask me some questions. In the following days of my quarantine, the Local Government Unit or the LGU provide everything I needed like medicine and some food.

In the middle of the quarantine, My computer broke and I have nothing to do, it means I have a lot of time in my hand. When I have much free time In a day or week, My mind tends to be free as well, It thinks about many things on its own and sometimes I can`t control it, that's why I hate to have much free time in my day. I want to be busy all the time so my mind will not have free time to think about many things and ideas.

With my Monitor broken, I decided to clean the house so I can pass time quickly, and I even wake up late every day, because I think when I do that, the day will end faster.


In the middle of the month, my cousin and my girlfriend give me a guitar and a sound interface as a preset, and I like it so much. Now that I have a computer I can record songs on my own and develop ng my skills day by day.

Their gift is a life changer for me and it arrived at the right time that I needed it. When It arrive they said that it is a box of cookies and I totally fell for it. At the time that I received it, I was almost very because of happiness. I am thankful to them, they make my September better even I am under isolation.

This month also test the faith

I think we all undergo those kinds of parts in our life, sometimes so dark and there are times that it is too light. We all feel down sometimes and the Important part is that we try to fight every day, we try to move forward every day. This month is different from the others in many different aspects, and I am somewhat thankful about, I am still alive and I have learned many things. When I am under quarantine I pour my time reading and learning about how to handle my life properly, how to have a good work ethic and how to become a better adult.


I heard 0.0426 BCH this month, I know this is not a lot but I am happy about it. I hope this October it becomes bigger because I need money to feed my dog and to support things that I love to do. Writing here and earning BCH change my life in many ways, I found writing can relax my brain when I pour out all the ideas that I am automatically thinking about every day, and as a bonus, I can earn BCH to feed my dogs, it is a win-win situation.

What a wild month for me...

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Written by   41
2 months ago
Topics: Success, Health, Hope
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