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The icing on the $Cake

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2 months ago

One of the most dreaded events in life which most people tend to shy away from especially when they've done below expectation is evaluating the progress they've made in achieving their goals. It can be painful when one is incapable of executing tasks to their timelines. Flip the coin and  It may also serve as a morale booster and encouragement to do more when tasks were done to time or way before their deadline or the results from the tasks exceeded the expectations.

I assume the latter is likely going to be the feeling by the devs at PancakeSwap by the end of 2022 with it's 4th Quarter almost running to a close. From the 1st quarter till the date the team constantly updated the community as to the targets for the respective quarters as well as the progress being made.  

As stated in my previous post the team has gone above and beyond with its public relations in the course of executing the road map. They promptly informed the community whenever any challenge was encountered and also did same when such issues had been fixed. You can verify this by joining their official telegram channel 

How far so far with the PancakeSwap 2022 roadmap?

The dev team has simplified the process of the $Cake community accessing the progress made thus far by presenting the road map under 4 broad headings (Ongoing/recurring, Cooking in Q4 Backlogs and Done) as shown below . The full roadmap is publicly available at


Cooking in Q4

  • Multichain PancakeSwap is expanding to more blockchains

  • Trading Product Upgrade

    • New swap router to improve capital efficiency and trading experience

    • Market-maker integration


  • NFT Gamifications Potential collaborations with other top projects on BNB Chain

  • NFT Market Phase 3 - open NFT platform Other improvements and upgrades



  • Stablecoin Swap

  • Zap - Provide liquidity in one click

  • Perpetual Trading

  • Limit Orders

  • Charts & other trading features on-site

  • Migration to Exchange V2 (exchange, liquidity, farms)

  • Pancake Bridge

  • Token Risks Scanning

  • Multichain Swap & Liquidity


  • CAKE Staking

    • Fixed-term Staking

    • CAKE Side Pool - Flexible CAKE staking on the side of locked staking

  • Fixed-Term Staking Benefits

    • iCAKE, IFO benefits

    • vCAKE, weighted voting power

    • bCAKE, farm yield booster

    • Events with well-known projects

  • Farms

  • Crosschain Farming

  • Syrup Pools

  • Syrup Pool Farm Boosts

  • Auto-compounding CAKE-CAKE Syrup Pool

  • APR/APY Calculator v3

  • Harvest all function


  • NFT Market Phase 1 & 2(buy & sell whitelisted NFT collections)

  • Customizable User Profile

  • NFT drops

  • Pancake Squad generative NFT collection

Site Upgrades / CAKE / Other Products

  • Mobile-first navigation & site overhaul

  • Analytics: Info site

  • IFO CAKE Pool & IFO 3.0

  • IFO

    • Private Sales with NFT Utility

    • cIFO, Private Sales with Pancake Profile points utility

    • Token vesting

    • iCAKE integration

  • PCS Mini-Program in Binance App

My assessment of the above mentioned items from the road map is that the dev team has done very well with execution to time. When the announcement indicating the plan to go multi chain was made in the telegram channel I assumed the target was likely the addition of a single chain.

Thus when the announcement of the deployment to ETH chain was made sometime in October, I assumed that would be the last I would hear of any chain addition at least for 2022. Little did I know that I was wrong as the Chefs were busy in the kitchen baking. Fast forward a few weeks after the deployment on ETH Chain, another announcement came of plans to deploy to APTOS.

True to their word, pancakeswap has now successfully deployed to the APTOS chain and can beat it's chest anywhere while laying claim to be multi chain. It is only expected that the dev team will ensure proper functioning of all the chains ad with every opportunity comes attendant responsibilities.

From the road map the only area which is still somewhat pending is that of NFTs as regards Gamification and phase 3 of the NFT market. We eagerly await further announcement pertaining to these areas as well as the 2023 roadmap which we hope will bring more benefits to $Cake holders as well increased functionality to the PancakeSwap platform.

Thank you for reading.

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Written by   195
2 months ago
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These are very nice update from pancake team. The one I find most interesting is the deployment to APTOS. This is going to be massive

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2 months ago