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Mental health: All you need to know

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1 year ago

Hello everyone, in this article I'll be talking about mental health. A lot of you experienced having mental breakdowns especially in this pandemic that's why don't hesitate to seek someone that will listen and understand you. Having an illness in our mental health is not easy, even me experienced that and my only way to ease it is to find or explore things that would eat your time such as writing, drawing, photography and many more activities. I find it helpful because it prevents me to overthink. So to all people who's reading this and having a hard time to find a way to escape from mental illness just keep yourself busy from other stuffs without noticing that you're slowly getting away from this illness. I know it's not that easy but try to do it with enjoyment so that there will be no regrets at the end.


Mental Health includes finding weight on all sides of your life - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is the ability to enjoy life and face the challenges in the future - including choice or decision making, adaptation and coping with serious problems, or expressing needs and those desires.

As your life and circumstances continue to change; so be your condition of will, mind, and welfare. Finding is important to weigh your life from time to time and in different situations. It's natural you don't feel right sometimes: for example, sad, worried, scared, or suspicious. But that can be a problem these feelings when interfering with your daily life-long time.


There are many beliefs about why people have health problems of the mind. According to scientific reviews, there are many serious problems with mental health caused by biochemical disturbances in the brain.

Professionals also believes that there are various causes related to psychology, society, and environment also affects your well-being. Mental health also affects the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors part of your life. Stress affects your ability in anything part or all of these parts and it may hurt your day-to-day management.



-the death of a loved one

-car accident

-dealing with a health problem

-growing up in a war-torn country, leaving your country origin, or adapting to the new country (usually, it is relevant to immigration and resettlement experiences).

-dealing with racism or other class of judgment with prejudice (prejudice) (reason for sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, class, etc.).)

-low wages or homelessness

-not having equal opportunities in educational attainment, activities, and health care

-having previously had mental health problems in the family, or being a victim of violence, abuse, or other trauma.

Your mental health can also be affected lightly by the love, support, and acceptance that you get from your family and those others.

It is important to know that all cultures do not view the same mental health.

For example, people have foreign beliefs with schizophrenia there are special powers and knowledge. Drinking alcohol and using other drugs does not usually cause mental health problems. But they are often used to help in solving the problem. They may even include the health problem of mental. You and your health care provider need to work together to identify the problem is, find out what might have caused or added to your difficulties, and how you can help.

Whatever the cause, you must know that it is not your fault for mental health problems.

These types of mental health problems Often the shape and class of mental health problems vary at different times. There are people who are depressed (depressed). Something else is anxious and scary. A child may appear in a non-standard or class of smoke avoid others. There are non-fooders. And there are some extras food. Some drink alcohol or rely on other drugs to numb painful feelings. And some are missing the handle on fact.

For example, they can hear voices, see things who is not there, or believes in false things. Others are thinking suicide - and others really commit suicide. There are those who become irritable and aggressive. And there are also some people who have trauma causes in an event, such as a serious car accident or a cause for a problem ordered for a long time, such as abuse for several years as a child. Many people have more than one of these problems.

We have long thought that mental health problems will always come back or never lose. Now we know that there are many people restored to these challenges. Many people have health problems of the mind healing by exercising their own strength and ability (resilience), support of family and friends, psychotherapy, ways to reduce their stress, and medication, if necessary.

There are people who break the mood when they find out how doctors have their problems. They may be glad to get one analysis that gives an idea of what to do and gives suggestions on how their problems can be remedied. But there are others who may not find help if you know the result evaluation. They may regard it as a mark or a catch that does not describe their situation. Or they may believe they are conditions are caused by difficult circumstances in their lives and not illness.

In fact, there are people who are tested wrong and then wrongly given in their swabs. Sometimes the review is over and over again to their mental health for years so they are losing trust the system. But proper evaluation helps others choose the right scarf and bring it home with the best care.

Hello thank you for reading this far. I hope you're doing good today, stay safe☺️

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Written by   113
1 year ago
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I personally don't know if I'm having mental health or not. I feel disturbed because of my neighbors, I often change rooms when I sleep at night and my mood becomes afraid. They are always noisy in front of my house, they say bad things about me, they talk behind my back, even though I have never do anything bad to them.

I didn't fight because I was outnumbered. I have lived in a toxic environment in a long time. Btw, this is good article for me.

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1 year ago

This is a great article/topic to discuss right now especially with all the problems the world had been facing nowadays. I personally believe that caring for your mental health is the same way as caring for your well-being. It is not just a want, rather, it is a need that everyone should take importance.

Let's create a safe space for everyone.

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1 year ago