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Know More About Health Psychology Health is very valuable, both physically and mentally, and also mind. Physical and mental health are both interrelated because they influence each other. If the physical condition is not healthy, it will affect the psychological condition of a person.

Moreover, if a person is experiencing a serious health problem, the psyche will also be disturbed. This disturbing psychological condition if left unchecked will be fatal. To overcome this, it is necessary to have knowledge related to psychological health problems called psychology.

Psychology at a Glance

Before getting to know more about health psychology, it's a good idea to get to know psychology at a glance. So what exactly is psychology? Some people interpret this term as synonymous with mental disorders. The actual condition is not like that.

So what is called psychology is a discipline that specifically studies various things related to a person's mental condition, thoughts, and behavior. In simpler terms, psychology is a discipline that teaches how to understand other people.

Benefits of Psychology

Studying science in the field of psychology has many benefits, especially those related to health psychology. The following are some of the benefits that can be obtained when studying psychology.

  • It's easier to understand other people well

  • Can recognize their strengths and weaknesses

  • Sharpen memory

  • The creation of good communication

With the many benefits of health psychology, it will be easier for someone to understand other people. Therefore, studying psychology can be used to solve various things related to a person's psychological problems due to experiencing health problems.

What is Health Psychology?

From the description above, it can be concluded that what is called health psychology is a scientific field that specifically studies a person's behavior. In this case behavior or other factors can affect health problems.

Some Treatments That Can Be Done With Psychology

Usually, someone who has a severe disease disorder will be more susceptible to psychological disorders. In this case, the science of health psychology will be used to overcome or find a way out. The following overall health psychology can be used to treat the following disorders:

  • Weight management

  • Improved nutrition

  • Health psychology can also reduce stress

  • Preventing disease

  • Provide an understanding of the picture of the disease

  • Faster recovery

  • Provide ways to treat diseases and others

Between Psychology and Health Has a Close Relationship

Although many factors can affect a person's health condition, psychological factors are usually the most dominant. So that it can more quickly make a person's health condition can decline very drastically and can even lead to death.

Thus the correlation between psychology and health is very close. Because this health psychology will prioritize to improve health. This case includes the problem of prevention, treatment, and a person's reaction in terms of healing the disease.

Usually, several types of health disorders can affect the psychological condition of the sufferer. The following are some types of disease disorders that have a very close relationship with the psychological condition of the sufferer.

  1. Heart Disease Disorder

    Usually, someone who is sentenced by a doctor to suffer from heart disease, his psychological condition will also be affected. This can then actually make the situation worse. Therefore this health psychology will be able to help the behavior of sufferers of this type of disease disorder.

  2. Stroke Disease Disorder

    If you have a stroke, usually the psychological condition of stroke sufferers will also experience disturbances. Especially if the stroke is severe enough to cause paralysis. So that the sufferer can not do any activity.

  3. Cancer

    Another type of disease disorder that can affect the psychological health of the sufferer is cancer. Disorders of this type of disease usually very quickly affect the psychological health of the sufferer. Especially when it turns out to have entered the final stage.

What Does Psychology Include?

This psychology specifically actually covers various scientific fields. Then how is the division of the science of psychology? Here are some divisions about psychology in general, let's look at the reviews.

  1. Clinical psychology

    Clinical psychology is health psychology that specializes in studying various problems experienced by a person in detail. In this case, all problems related to mental health will be handled in detail. Ranging from trivial to severe disease.

  2. General Psychology

    General psychology is psychology that specializes in handling problems by conducting experiments. This general psychology science teaches about several things, namely research problems, methodology, correspondence, the use of psychological measuring tools, and others.

  3. Educational Psychology

    In contrast to health psychology, educational psychology is psychology that deals with various disorders by focusing on using the education that is tailored to a certain age. In addition, it can also use certain populations such as differences in the way of learning between children with special needs.

  4. Developmental Psychology

    Developmental psychology is the science of psychology to overcome various disorders that are focused on mental development. This includes development from children to adults. This type of developmental psychology focuses on studying child development and others.

  5. Social Psychology

    In addition to health psychology, there is also social psychology that usually focuses on humans as social beings. Social psychology includes several types of fields of study. Among them are mass psychology, conflict resolution, and others. Social psychology can calculate the number of demonstration participants or others.

  6. Industrial Psychology

    Industrial psychology is a psychological science that is focused on dealing with various problems regarding human resource management at work. This industrial psychology is very suitable for dealing with various types of problems and conflicts that arise in a company.

Of the several types of psychology options, one can choose one that can be adapted to the field of science that is involved. Among them are health psychology such as clinical psychology or others. Furthermore, after the choice is by the wishes and ideals, then the next step immediately to make adjustments,

The Role of Psychology in Life

In addition to providing various treatments for psychological disorders, health psychology also has a very important role in life. Each type of health psychology option can provide various treatments for psychological disorders that are often experienced by someone who has a serious illness disorder.

To deal with various health problems experienced by someone who is suffering from a serious or infectious disease disorder, psychology, and the health sector usually work together with a psychiatrist. It can also be with the doctor who treats the patient. This collaboration is carried out when the patient requires psychotherapy and medication.

Thus information and explanations regarding various matters relating to health psychological problems. Hopefully, it can be useful, especially for those who want to continue their studies and major in psychology.

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