The Differences of Spanish in Various Countries

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6 months ago

I admit I haven't been as diligent in self-studying Spanish for many weeks now. So today I just thought of watching some more episodes of a telenovela just to continue my language education.

And then because I was watching one of my former favorite Spanish soap operas, a thought just popped in my head. I decided to share some things about the Hispanic/Latino people and the various differences in how they speak. These are the things I've learned since I started studying back in December 2022.

No I haven't been learning Español as often as when I started. At times I find it difficult because of the verb tenses and grammar. Haha. Sometimes I also enjoy it when it's kinda fun. Anyway I do online research whenever I get curious about something.

Learning a language doesn't mean just studying grammar and vocabulary. You also need to know the context and get to know the culture to understand them! Well maybe not everyone does it but I think it's relevant to my studies so I check on such things too.

As we all know, it is not only Spain that speaks Spanish. There are around 20 different countries speaking the language afaik. Of course each one has it's own vernacular and versions of words that aren't the same in others.

Despite the differences, most of the time people can still understand each other. Just watch related videos on YouTube and you will see what I'm talking about.

So far, here's a short summary of what I learned & know abt the different Spanish speaking countries.

Spaniards always have the "th" sound when they talk.

Spain is the first country I checked on since it is the "mother country" of all the rest due to it being a conqueror in the past. We all know how it had been colonizing countries left and right for hundreds of years. No wonder then that we have a lot of Spanish speaking countries these days.

Apparently they are known for the "th" sound when they speak. The "lisp" is only found in Spain or heard from Spaniards. Based on all the telenovelas I've watched, indeed they are the only ones that sound like that.

Argentinians sound like Italians speaking Spanish

This is because many Italians migrated to Argentina in several centuries. Since they intermingled/married and already live in the country, of course many Argentinians of today have Italian last names. It is no wonder then that their language already have Italian loan words.

They also have a lot of "j" or "zh" sounds in their speech. For example, watch this episode of Muñeca Brava.

Colombians always say the word "doctor".

I have searched for various Spanish soap operas and watched a few episodes/video clips here and there. At some point I noticed that Colombian shows have something quite different. People kept saying "doctor" often.

Made me wonder why because the people they were speaking to aren't even wearing lab coats. They were not in the hospital but the word was being said a lot of times.

Apparently Colombians say "doctor" to people in authority as a form of respect. For example, if you are a company manager or a boss, you will be called "doctor" by the employees. Cool right?

Chilean Spanish is the most different of them all?

Watching YouTube videos on the differences of the language, that's what I noticed. Also based on the comments on such videos, I found out their form of Spanish is "almost like it isn't Spanish" anymore. 😅

They have many words that are different from other Spanish speaking countries. However when I listen to a Chilean, I still hear Spanish words. At this point I still can't tell the difference. Haha. Oh well.

Special mention: "Asia's Latin City"

And of course, I would like to share something from our country too! No I don't belong in any Spanish speaking nation. Actually most people here speak English more than any other foreign language, no thanks to being colonized.

Since we have been a colony of Spain for over 300 years too, of course there will be a remnant of Spanish here and there. The most influence in any Filipino language/dialect is found down south, in the Mindanao group of islands of the Philippines.

Our country has a place known as the Latin City of Asia. Can you guess which one it is? 😏

In Zamboanga, or particularly Zamboanga City, the language spoken is a Spanish creole called Chavacano. If you are wondering if other Spanish speakers would understand it then ask no more!

Yes of course it can be understood by other Spanish speakers despite the difference. Just by hearing the gist of it Chavacanos can communicate with other Hispanics/Latinos. I've heard of stories of Filipinos going abroad and speaking Chavacano and being understood well enough. Want more proof? Check YouTube and enjoy! 😁

But of course there are also Chavacano speakers in Luzon (which is the northern group of islands of our nation). The speakers of this are also found in Cavite province, particularly in Ternate and Cavite City.

Funnily enough, I didn't know our Spanish creole have differences from each other. Watch this so you'll also know more!

What about the other countries?

Unfortunately I haven't found anything much to distinguish the way other people speak the language. I've watched Mexican soaps, also a movie from Peru and yet I don't have a way to determine who is from where yet.

Well, I think Mexicans are known for having more English-like Spanish words but my ears can't really tell the difference yet. As for Puerto Ricans, I believe they speak really fast like gangsters (?) but I still haven't checked on them at all.

Also haven't watched anything from Venezuela so I'm also clueless about them. I don't know about the other countries that speak Español but hey it's alright. It makes learning another language fun. 😁

How about you? Have you noticed anything I didn't? Feel free to share in the comments.


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6 months ago


I was admired also by the Spanish telenovela like betty la fea. It was a nice telenovela I've watched. The way they speak I love it but Its hard to learn on it.

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6 months ago

Haha yes Spanish is not easy to learn even if we have a lot of the same words in our language.

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6 months ago

I work with a Venezuelan co-worker and have a little thing going with one 🤫 They tend to speak with much compassion maybe you can say they are little loud speaking as well. Puerto Ricans do speak very fast.

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6 months ago

Oh nice. I hope I can also meet some Spanish speakers in person soon.

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5 months ago

Some words in Tagalog had been inflienced by spanish language.

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6 months ago

Yup, also in our other languages/dialects. :)

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6 months ago