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(Body + Computer) Virus Attacks = Financial Problem + Facebook Fail

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4 months ago

Wow such an amazing life to have the booster shot side effects and then a virus on the computer. Hahaha. Hello 2022, why are you so wonderful eh? 😂

When you're feeling down life will just kick you further to the ditches sometimes. But don't fret, I am not so downtrodden but I do feel kinda dismayed with how things are going in the world right now.

I was just getting better from the Corona virus booster shot side effects when I clicked on that Facebook/Meta ad of a new classic game. How smart of me not to double check on the link or not download the game while I thought the vaccine side effects were gone. Guess what, I got the headaches after the chills went away! Good lord.

Corona virus image representation.

On the other hand, suffice it to say my computer hard drive is history now. No thanks to me clicking and downloading the Facebook virus. How was I to know when it looked legit to my "vaccine-affected" mind.

So now I will not use my computer online anymore until I get a new hard drive or reformat my laptop. The latter I probably wouldn't do because of all the important files I have in there. Or maybe I will not care about those files anymore and just reformat and start all over again on everything accumulated in more than two years. Ugh.

Here comes my "How could this happen to me?" thoughts

Why these things happen is because of how we think too, so they say. Like attracts like, if you think of negative things a lot then guess what you will attract? If you're mostly happy, cheerful and positive, luck will be with you a lot. Of course it is not as simple as that. There are also other factors involved. Whatever the case I see darkness and so there have been a lot of them in and around me lately.

Apparently the file of the fake game ad I downloaded is a virus. Most likely a powershell virus because that's what I see in my computer task manager. So my thoughts spiraled downward some more while I tried to warn everyone online yesterday and ask Facebook for help for the charges on my account. The thoughts litany went like this: I will not use my laptop online anymore. I will delete my social media accounts soon. I will find a job that doesn't need me to be online all the time. I am so tired of this life, yada yada yada.

I don't think I will be able to do all of those will and will not do's yet though. When I can is still a mystery. Might do it anytime or never.

First my phone cam gets corrupted, now my computer has a virus. Oh joy, my 2022 is going great huh?

All we need is Love

But as they say, the answer is just love. All we need is love. (No not the I Love You virus. 😂 Heck somebody find who made that I Love You virus and and tell him to help Facebook!)

All the movies and TV shows, even comics and music speak about the power of love. Universal or unconditional love always saves the hero/heroine from the evil people/situations. Love triumphs everytime.

The lesson we need to learn on Earth is to be a being of love. The hardest thing to do on Earth is to love one another. The Bible teaches us to love each other and yet until now we still have not arrived into such a high level of love huh? What are we doing wrong?

Yes our focus is mostly on the pain and not on the goal. Many of us have the goal of going to heaven with flying colours, meaning we passed the Earthly test. Oh it is not easy living on this planet but for those who know how to love, it must be way easier huh?

Whenever we become happy and loving, something will try and bring us down and make us negative. Oh it must be the "work of the devil" huh? What else would not want us to go to heaven and be nice to each other? What else would want us to stay down here and be miserable like them? Maybe they are trying to make life on Earth a living hell instead of it being heavenly huh?

I just don't know anymore. With everything that's been happening, it's all just mumbo jumbo. If love is the answer then it won't be easy when a lot of people are in pain and hurting others in the process too.

Pain + pain multiplied = suffering. Well we won't be seeing any light at the end of whatever tunnel if that's the case.

Love + pain = sadness.

Love + love multiplied = happiness, peace and joy.

Must be nice to be happy like a kid all the time right? Only adults feel the burden and the pain, kids don't have such burdens unless they experience tragedies/pain at an early age. 🤔 Haha wait, no wonder. 😂

They say if we leave the planet without understanding our current life's lesson, we will just repeat it in our next life. We will keep coming back here until we get it right. Well if I'm really tired of living on Earth I should do my best to love all the time right? (Share the light and help others as much as I can.)

Oh but living on Earth is not that easy when a lot are dragging you down. Either break free/escape, let go or both. Follow Jesus and be like him are two different things too.

Yes I am blabbering in this article before I fell asleep last night. Today is another day indeed. Who knows what I will do to my computer next. 😅

The Facebook / Meta Reporting Problem

All I can say is, if you get the virus in your Facebook account and computer then good luck. Reporting on Facebook is not so reassuring at all. Too many choices but there is no fraud choice in other report selections. How funny.

Payments help page will say you should contact disabled ad account or the business help department. Disabled ad acct (because of fraud) will not reply to your messages at all and then in the business help pages each ad fraud concern will route you back to the payment support help page because none of their business help pages talk about how to report the fraud activity or the fraud charges other than contacting the payment support page. Wow amazing.

And then the payment support will give you unclickable links on the Facebook App to tell you where to report instead of them forwarding your report to the right department!!! When you type the help page link on the mobile browser it will have another problem: The Facebook ad account will not be selectable or cannot be entered in the required field. Wow. Or that I have no payment method on file that's why I cannot submit the message. I removed it because of the fraud/virus/hack remember? Wow Facebook issues. I cannot believe this.

And when you tell them about those small issues they will just close your report instead of acknowledging there is a mistake or flaw in their messaging/reporting system. That's why they think I keep sending to the "wrong" department. They shouldn't wonder why people will report all over the place again and again because why not, they keep passing you around like they will never help you OR their system has MISSING FEATURES THAT CANNOT BE USED to submit the report properly.

Yes folks, imagine the feeling of being passed around and going around in circles whenever you send reports to whichever department you should report the issue. You keep reporting to various help sections because you keep being told to go to a Facebook blocked/dead end solution.

Well this is not just a financial fraud concern it is multiple issues! If they do not fix one and the others one by one and keep passing you around guess what will happen?

  1. You just leave Facebook / Meta, or at least be inactive.

  2. You write about your experience online because they aren't helping you the right way. Not even managing your expectations, Facebook/Meta really needs more training for their customer service agents. That or add more employees to handle complicated concerns.

  3. Your account will be affected forever if Facebook does not remove whichever warning status they put on your account because of the virus/fraud incident and you will suffer the consequences of the computer virus from Facebook.

Nobody wants to have problems right? So best to not click on any interesting but unofficial/fake ads on Facebook that has a download button too. Fraudulent/virus ads will ruin your computer and give you headaches from customer service just to reverse charges and remove pending ones on your account.

I don't think Facebook will even bother telling you if it's safe to remove the fraud ad once they are done investigating it. No sir their technical team will not even answer, how will you even reach them if the support agents keep passing you around? How can they help you if they start ignoring you because you send multiple messages telling them of Facebook issues one after the other? They just keep closing the messages I send them and don't even acknowledge some of the other problems I told them.

Are you feeling the stress right now? Can you feel it while you're reading this? Imagine if it was you, what would you do?

What should Facebook do when their agents don't want to handle multiple issues? Oh maybe that's the Facebook policy? I even had to send a message where I break down the issues for them to understand what's happening and what needs to be done but again they told me to wait 2-3 days abt the payment issue I reported or contact another department to report the issue.

Which one of my many reports have been taken note of? Nobody even tells me anything. Is it the one where nobody is responding or is it any of the many closed reports where I was told to report using another blocked solution? What do you think dear reader?

Anyway, one of my messages goes like this (those in parenthesis are added in now):

1. Investigate the fraud that happened via (your) technical team, I already removed Tech Bloom page which is the account they put on my ad account. It is a fraud ad via computer virus! They created (another Contra Returns game) ad in my unpublished page and published it. Then they made (submitted) the ad that is why I was never aware since I didn't get any notification about it!

2. Once done investigating you can remove the fraud ad from my account or tell me if I can remove it if you are done with your reports and investigation!

3. Remove the pending charges on my account and reverse the fraud ad charges! I will not be paying those fraudulent charges because of a Facebook ads virus!

4. Once you clear up all the charges on my account and you have removed the virus and fraud ad on my account, you have to tell me so I can do something on my account like delete the fraud ad or add payment method or whatever!

(I'd like to add this too but I am tired of sending them messages:

  1. They should block malicious/virus download links from being made into Facebook ads.)

My issue is not just one but multiple so if they keep passing me around nothing will get fixed. It is a payment concern and a security concern, come on this cannot be fixed by one department alone and if they don't all work together then what will happen huh? NOTHING.

Here's one of the problems aside from the Facebook help links not working.

Screenshots of Facebook App

They say there is a Re-Open Case option but the only option showing on that page when using the Facebook app is to delete the message. Same even if you use the mobile browser. That is one of the problems, they tell you what to do but it is not available to be selected!!! Blocked solution again!

Instead of passing me around they should be the ones forwarding the message/s to the right departments! They should be working together on the problem. My gosh. Even eBay and PayPal customer service knows better perhaps because they have better training?! Or Facebook just uses bots that don't know what to do? No we DO NOT NEED smart/sentient robots, we need human beings and companies with integrated and better rules and processes.

Facebook customer service (and their ways to help) seems very lacking I cannot imagine why they do not give proper training on handling issues. Good lord Mr. Mark Zuckerberg we need help and assurance here please.

For sure I am not the only one affected by now. Around 180+ people clicked on the link of the fraud ad on my account. Those people may not experience the problem immediately. It took 2 days for the fraud activity to happen on mine. Even those followers of my unpublished page (which hackers published just for the ad) must have clicked it. Ugh. Those unaware might get angry at my now re-unpublished Facebook page because of that.

The only good thing about this is I reported the problem to my bank too and they said they will also investigate on their end. It would take them 45 days to investigate everything though (if they will charge me or not).

Yeah well I know what happens with credit card fraud investigations because I used to work in that department. For sure they will do something about it. There is a possibility they will say it is a valid charge though IF FACEBOOK DOESN'T TELL THEM ABOUT THE VIRUS/FRAUD AD INCIDENT which happened on their end. (Or if the bank agent who took my report did not think of including what I mentioned in his notes.) This is why letting Facebook know about the issue is very important.

I just hope my reports reached enough people who are actually doing the right things on Facebook. Fingers crossed and hope for the best right?

How can we do business with a company that has terrible customer service? All the big social media companies have this same problem. Either their customer service is not responding or it is self service and you cannot find the right solution because of their blocked solutions!

Haha. Lord all we need is love!!! How we need it so and yet we cannot focus on it to grow in our hearts because of the pain and/or anger of living on this planet. What a mudderfuddering situation. 😡

Have you seen the ad I am talking about? (It may be Contra Returns now but tomorrow it can be something else!) If yes then you should know what to do. Don't report the page or the ad itself because you will essentially be reporting the page which is innocent of the crime. I think it's better to submit a feedback to Facebook with screenshot of the ad and report the ad of the virus to Facebook. It is not the page owner's fault alone. It is the responsibility of Facebook/Meta to help it's users too.



* * *

Lead image and all except one image is from Unsplash.

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Written by   264
4 months ago
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I can feel your disappointments while reading your article,, hope you feel better now

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4 months ago

Well yeah i feel much better now thanks. But still the pending problem is my computer and all my files. Haaay.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Hay iyan ang mahirap, buti sana kung rich kid tayo afford cloud base storage😂

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Haha wish n lng natin.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Viruses are really frustrating.........i can feel your pain and frustration as well

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Readers be warned... That is all I can say.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Noted✅ Thanks for the heads up

$ 0.00
4 months ago

I don't know what to say, this article carries so much frustration and disappointments because of the facebook virus that you got.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Yes I have nothing else to say but those things. Ah viruses are so annoying.

$ 0.00
4 months ago