Intimacy during pandemic (Relationships)

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2 years ago

During December 2019, the news about COVID-19 has already started. It was broadcasted in news, social media, newspaper and it has also been the talk of the town. We were able to celebrate New Year with our families and stayed at school and work until the second week of March. Then there came the news of class suspensions and lockdown.

When there had been news about COVID-19 it wasn't seriously taken because many people see it as hoax or something that to get worried about.

During the whole duration of lockdown people had to stay at home and work from home which is actually a good time to spend more time with the family. Before the pandemic, people who has jobs take more time working, spending more the traffic and trying to reach the deadline of projects asked from them.

Students spend more time studying or staying at the social media. They tend to create more connection with people online than personal.

Night lifes and weekend gatherings had been banned. It was stopped in order to prevent the virus from spreading further. Sunday services and other gatherings had been limited as well.

When the time for families to stay at home, parents and children are able to spend time together again. They were able to eat in one table and have fun at home.

The connections to the outside world had been done online. Shopping, grocery and even meeting people was done virtually.

Quality time has been spent at home. Parents were able to talk to their children and their children were able to spend time playing with their parents.

It's easier to check on your friends or your loved ones who weren't with you during the lockdown. Especially to those who has family members who are essential workers. They can't go home even if they want because they have to work 24/7 in order to fight the unseen enemy.

The relationship of teachers to their students has been done virtually. They were able to have fun online. It's a lot different than the usual face to face classroom set up but it was still fun and interactive.

The relationship between the seller and the buyers are also done online. It's a lot easier to purchase items online and have it delivered at your door.

The relationship between parents and their children had been restored. They were able to catch up and chat the way it must be. It's difficult to do so with conflicts of schedule by the parents and their children.

The relationship between the government and the citizens of a country became more transparent. Since there is no other way to reach out to the government agencies, concerns and transactions were done online.

The relationship between friends had been strengthened by constantly chatting and video calling each other.

The relationship between lovers has beenore prioritized. The more that they don't see each other, the more that they long for each other's presence and company.

The relationship

The relationship between God and His children became more intact due to the constant prayer for the COVID-19 to be gone. His comfort was more felt now more than before. Virtual church gatherings has been provided as well.

No amount of lockdown can break up a relationship that is meant to last a lifetime.

It's a choice to stay connected even if distanced. It's a choice to grow a relationship together or to allow the time and space to grow them apart. It's a choice to stay faithful and loyal no matter what circumstance you face. It's a choice to make the relationship better than before especially now that we're facing constant anxiety due to the virus.

Relationships are what makes us more human. All of us needs to work hard for a better relationship to last.


December 22, 2020


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We can't ruin our lives totally because of pandemic. It is true that we live in a fear, we are distanced and that is for friendship and other relation so touchy, because there is no gathering and there is no warm and pleasant atmosphere in all this world. All we need is to find a new way to make our life during pandemic more safer and bring friends to be close, even by social media. We are social beings, we need friendship and friends and family support.

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