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I will always be missing you Sir Luna

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5 months ago

Dela Cruz, I think I made a wrong decision in my life. How I wish, it was you I courted not Dela Vega.

Sir Luna told me as soon as I said hello.
"what? What are you talking about? Sir?

Did you even remember I got bored or grumpy when we were together? I was always in a good mood as you always know what conversation to bring up to lighten my mood. Might we be destined together. Many think we are in a relationship. Why not make it real?

Continuation of My Dearest Sir Luna.

Hey you and your psy-ops again. Don't me Luna. It's not the first time he told me those things.

Sir Luna: But I am serious Del (in short of Dela Cruz), he told me in a sad voice. Okay, tell me what happened?

Me: I thought you and Buddy Dela Vega will be seeing each other since you're on a vacation right?

Sir Luna: She got mad at me because I hugged her in front of all ROTC officers. Can you blame me? I haven't seen her for six long months. Of course I miss her so much. Instead of hugging me back she got mad at me as she felt disrespected.

Knowing my Ms. Prim and proper buddy it is not impossible that she got mad. So I promised Sir Luna to talk with my buddy. However, after talking with her, I don't think I can do anything with it. As she was really mad because of that hug.

Fast Forward.

Sir Luna and Dela Vega relationship didn't work out. I guess Sir Luna got tired of understanding her all of the time . Aside from they are in a Long distance relationship as Sir Luna was assigned in different places as an army, my buddy wasn't showy. Oftentimes Sir Luna felt neglected until such time he gave up.

I felt his love.

It's been a week since my boyfriend and I broke up and I was drawn into sadness. Most of the time I was crying at night. Sir Luna often calls me just to kill some time especially when he is bored. I was still crying when my phone rangs. I pick his call while crying.

Sir Luna: You're crying again? It's been weeks but every time I call you, you're still crying? What the heck Dela Cruz?

Me: Can't help it. You know I love him so much. I just can't believe our relationship will end up like this.

Sir Luna: Okay, I will be giving you 48hrs more to cry till your heart content, but remember this. I'm gonna call after that and if you are still crying I won't promise I won't do anything. Hes a j3rk for hurting you! " ikaw kaya pinakamamahal kung junior. Hindi ako papayag masaktan ka lng. Sinasabi ko, bugbog sa akin iyon" .

Aw, he really loves me. I had proven it many times. People might always mistake us as having a romantic relationship but we are not. Even my buddy Dela Vega was always jealous of me before. What we actually have is a platonic love. Didn't he promise me to take care of me on behalf of his Tito who happened to be my Godfather?

He finds new love.

Years after we were both broken hearted, Sir Luna called me one time telling me he found a new love. He was so excited and full of love. His eyes were twinkling during our video call. He even introduced his girlfriend to me who happened to be his batchmate during his training for POTC. Usuall, he introduced me as " Dela Cruz, and pinakamamahal niyang Jr class' . He's really crazy sometimes.
He told me they are planning to get married and my presence is badly needed or else he won't be talking to me anymore. See, he was so demanding! His wedding will be actually will be this year.

Sir Luna and Dela Vega cross their path.

Dela Vega was still active in ROTC. She was even an instructor. Sir Luna happened to visit our headquarters after his training. My buddy was in the same place that time as they are preparing for the tactical inspection.

I was actually surprised because buddy Dela Vega called me. She was actually crying. Telling me how dumbed she is before taking for granted Sir Luna. She also added that she was just mad sometimes because she thought that Sir Luna and I also had a relationship. Like. what the heck. Now she realized how much she loved him.

What am I supposed to tell her? That the guy she took for granted is already happy and getting married so she needs to back off? I just listened to all her rants as she was also drunk.

Just right after talking to her Sir Luna also called me and told me that my buddy confessed to him and asked for a second chance.

Still I just listened. As I can't find a perfect word to tell them.

My world was shaken and I broke down to tears.

It was just a normal day and I was browsing on Facebook when suddenly one post caught my attention. It was a post from one of our junior class saying Goodbye to Sir Luna followed by grieving words. As I finished reading my mind went numb, I was shaking and in tears. I couldn't believe Sir Luna died. I was just talking to him the other night and I was scolding him because of his drinking habit. What hurt me most was that he didn't die in a war, "what a lousy" He died because of an accident. His motorcycle bumped into a tree. He was drunk while driving.

Isn't it unfair? How could it happen in just a blink of an eye. He was so young, only 25 years old. He still has a lot of dreams.

Just after a minute I received a call from Dela Vega. She was crying as she couldn't believe Sir Luna left him for good. She was actually hoping for a chance. But it seems it's the destiny that stopped them.

Attending his wake.

After years, I wore my BDA (battle dress attire) snappily as what he always wanted. I was used in vigil during wakes, standing and guarding the coffin for hours. I often complained afterwards because it was so tiring. Not to you Sir Luna. I can even stand there the whole night.

This is not the actual picture, image source Facebook.

His burial was even more painful. He was known as the best leader and even Mr. Friendship so many attended his wake. I was trying my best to hold my tears because I know he would be mad if he saw me showing weakness while in a uniform.

As I heard the 21 gun salute to honor him, I wasn't able to control it anymore. As I look around everyone are crying. Many really loves him.

Closing thoughts.

A guy bestfriend is really hard to find as I don't easily trust men even my relatives due to my previous experience when I was a kid. Sir Luna was the only man I trusted most. He was not only my bestfriend but also my adviser in all aspect and the same time my brother.

His death made me realized how life is short . I am sure if he is still alive he is now maybe a lieutenant and who knows I am also in the military. He never stopped convincing me before to process my documents as he will backed me up.

As for Dela Vega, she is still single up to now. It's been almost six years. I am just hoping she already move on and will eventually find true love.

If there is one thing I have learned from this story is, never took for granted anyone who loved you dearly. Don't wait until they got tired as you might be left grieving.

That's all for today and have a nice day everyone.

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Written by   171
5 months ago
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Yes alcohol and driving are not a good combination. I am so sorry to hear about him, he was very close to you.

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5 months ago

It is, plus I really find riding in a motorcyle dangerous. To the point I would never let my husband buy one

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Condolence and thank you for reminding me to never take the person that love me for granted.

$ 0.00
5 months ago

This is why alcohol must be ban 😔 never drive when we drunk. Condolence sis and im sorry fir lost

$ 0.02
5 months ago

Alcohol plus motorcycle is not really good. Though its been years I still felt sad everytime I remember him

$ 0.00
5 months ago

I feel you sis, mahirap makareciver when that person is mean a lot to us

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Kaya nga sis. Alam ko naman masyaa siya..lagi ko siya napapanaginipan. At masaya naman siya lagi sa panaginip ko

$ 0.00
5 months ago