Let's go back to university day's

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Hello everyone!

Today was a hell busy day for me as i can't come online too after 2 pm because of sudden guests came in our house and i was busy with them. Now it's 10 pm and i just free from dish washing and clean the kitchen.

Now I'm so tired that i was thinking when i washed the dishes that i don't write any article today. As i never saved any draft for such day's so i write every day on time and published it. But my little sister called me and told me a incident happening to her today so i remember something too from her incident. That's why i decided to write it now and never leave it on pending list.

What's my sister told to me?

She's busy in final exam in university now a day's and today was her exam too. She come out from exam hall after giving the paper and went to cafeteria with her friend. They buy there something. Her friend start to use the mobile phone during eating and than when they leave cafeteria she forget to pick her phone. When they come back to classroom she realized that she left her phone in cafeteria.

They ran away towards cafeteria and after so much time they find the cell phone because a police man of university pick the phone from chair.

Now, what i want to write after listening her story?

Actually when i was in university my bestie also lost her phone two times in four years. And i was with her during this situation. So i want to share with all of some memories which I can't forget.

First time when she lost her phone

When we're in 3rd semester, one day we're free from a class and our exams are so near that we talk about the syllabus and our Gr (girl rider) send us syllables on Mobile phone so my bestie and me start to see the topic one by one and there's no teacher in class so all the students were making a noise. Suddenly a sir came in our class and give a shut up call to all students that you people don't have manners and we're sitting on First seat. Sir came near to us and asked her to give him to phone we apologized to sir that now we're not making a noise but he was not in mood of listening to us.

Anyways he took her phone and go away..

We start to find the sir in university but he was taking his lecture so we prefer to do wait in staff room and when he comes back we again apologize to him and he gave us mobile and we thanked to Sir.

Why he easily give us mobile phone?

Actually we're studying on mobile at that time and sir was thinking that she was doing chat with her friends or any boyfriend but as sir keep the Mobile in his pocket there's no message or call from someone so that he easily give us to phone.

2nd time when she lost her phone?

When we're in 5th semester, we went to washroom and come back to classroom in hurry because sir wad coming to class. After sometime she wants to see something on her mobile but there's no phone or wallet in her bag. We thought that maybe we forget to pick the phone from washroom and we took permission to sir that we thought we leave the phone there.

When we checked there's no phone in washroom. We come back to classroom with heavy hearts and sir asked to us what's happening. I told him that there's no phone and we might lost it. My bestie become sad that her perants become aggressive to her. As sir went out from classroom than the girls which sit behind us asked us about phone and i said it's lost somewhere.

Than a girl said here is your wallet but you've to give us a treat for it. Means they're doing prank to us.

Ending words

Although these are not interesting for you but for me those two days are unforgettable. I can't forget her expression, her anxiety and her sadness and we both were in tension but both times we laughed so hard after getting the phone back.

Although for new generation phone isn't so big thing but at our time it's the big thing and everyone can't afford to have a touch Mobile phone but now s days it's a common thing that a children also have it. Here we can assume that time changes.

Lead image is from unsplash picture and the pictures using is article also from unsplash picture

Thank you

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This reminds me of when I lost my two phones at once. The phones were snatched from me on the main road. I sat down on the floor and began to cry. It was a sad experience

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1 year ago

While I'm reading this my friend. I remember when I lost my phone it was the worst day. I cried a lot. It was really painful because there were a lot of files that really important.

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1 year ago

Ohhhh means you can't find your phone than??? Yes our phone always have some important files

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1 year ago

Yes friend it never turned back and I was really sad that time.

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1 year ago

Ohhhh it's really was a worst day for you

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1 year ago

Yes friend one of the worst experiences.

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1 year ago