Failure of Eastern World

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As we turn the golden pages of the history of mankind, from evolution to the modern man of the 21st century, there at one corner at the turning edge that describes how science got entangled and developed with the understanding of mankind. The first event is the invention of the means to produce firewood by rubbing one substance on another. That was a milestone event which was possible because of the integration of science into our lives. With time science developed and explored even higher dimensions.

Now, when we see ourselves, we find ourselves as the living gods that are described in our holy books. We can see and talk like he/she is near to us this is done by only gods. Not only this, the newly developed technologies had changed the wider world into a. The world is within our hands. We can reach and see anything within the seconds. This is the application aspect.

In the development of theories, we have transcended our knowledge to the higher dimension and had known that even trees and stones do interact and respond when we try to get them back. Furthermore, going deeper into the smallest particles from atoms, to strings. And some years ago there was a discovery of highs bosons which another name was God particle. And it was believed that every element is possible through the build-ups of the God particle. In a simple word, everything is made up of it.

How long be the history of the science the recent developments are familiar to the spiritual world's concept of wholeness where it stands with the approach that Jn every atom there lies a God.

The conclusion of the western world stands upon the theoretical and practical principles i.e. scientific world and the eastern world that speaks about the spiritual realm came to the same outcome it was just a matter of time. The western world knows the spiritual world this is working to validate the hypothesis or principles. The soul is the subject matter of investigation in the western world but in the eastern world, we have doctors who claim themselves that they can talk with them.

Someday, in near future, all the norms and values, holdings, principles, and assumptions will be testified by the western world.

This is the failure of the eastern world that we need to get evidence or proof to validate our assumptions by the equipment of the western world. We didn't develop any mechanism. Now, we need to borrow from others.

And the western world is always a few miles ahead in the case of innovation, and invention.

Take an example of God, we believe that there exists God. But we can't show them that it exists. It exists in our beliefs. And the western world sees they believe in work, they believe in that thing that can be proved. They don't believe in reincarnation, so they hold that there will be no reincarnation. But in the eastern world, we can't prove it happens when someone asks for evidence we can only show some stories that are incorporated in our holy books.

Our assumptions are so advanced that even we speak of other dimensions world and the westerners are less behind us on this but as I mentioned the failure of the eastern world is we stand on our beliefs.

When the western world knew this there lacks the adaptation of particle education in the eastern world they came with advanced weapons guns, tanks, gun owners, and bombs and attacked us and to defend ourselves we were using traditional weapons swords, khukuri, sickle and they were successful in making our lands as their colony.

The first message that we lack was first brought by The Great Alexander who came with modern swords which were shard, strong and flexible and easy to use. They came on their horses. And in the world world, King Porous fought with old strategy and with elephants. Though, the Porous army was larger in number by 3:1, lost the battle because of the use of old weapons and elephants. But j fortunate eastern world didn't see the reality only realized the black looming clouds overheads were king Alexander.

The Western World must know one thing what is their's preparation against the Hydrogen Bomb. Unless the eastern world does not focus on science again one day they will come. Our gods would fight with us. We need to face the torture. We will be exploited.

And it is sad to say, those countries in the world who failed to get the idea of advancement in science and technology are one way exploited by the western world.

When China knew the flaw in eastern law, they took the step of flourishing the knowledge of science and technology, we can see what apex they reached. And people always compared India with China. See the condition of India, they took the path at the same time with the same goal but India got emotionalized by their old religion get lacked behind while China went many many steps ahead.

However, eastern world blackness holds the true meaning of humanity. It holds that the integration of parts of ourselves with nature is absent in the path of the west. This is why they question themselves what is life? And their answer relies on life being time and time being money. But the eastern world remains silent. This doesn't mean they don't have an answer but is a metaphorical answer that can't only be felt.

At present time norms of humanity are carried by the eastern world but I am sad to say that it has been modified and is a constraint to only their races, castes, and tribs this is all due to the integration of the western World principles in esteem world. And the western world is busy answering the question is humanity's on the verge of existence.

Now, the world must exchange its assumptions, principles, norms and values with each other to build a better world. If we go on delaying we will suffer to a greater extent.

Thank you, for your precious time for my article.

Disclaimer: These all are my opinions, it has nothing to do with the delicate authors and writers. It's purely mine and I am accountable for every word that is written.

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I have briefly read about boson before. I wonder what's next. Indeed with the advance of technology and information, we now take one part of a culture and adopt it and make it our own. Although this happens but it is now much quicker than before.

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1 year ago

Maybe the time is quicker because who knows it is reset time.

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