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Aim OF Life

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3 months ago
Topics: Life, Philosophy

After the class, my teacher was about to leave, he delivered,"I WISH I COULD BE AS YOUNG AS YOU ALL, I WOULD HAVE ENJOYED MY LIFE ON THE OTHER WAY"May now you know, how important it is to live life enjoying spreading love. Let's get started:

Within the dance of nature, electron making it's position go round and round to the nucleus where nucleons plays drums and provides extra tone to the music that has been going on from eternal. The process of dancing and singing and adding started from the time which Stephen Hawkins tried to defined it in his book ," A brief history of time". A time where everything began. Even time started from that time. Dancing and singing evolved parallel to the time.

With the explosion of big bang, some scientist criticises the theory but this is only the best accepted theory which explains the begining of universe, the dance started and has been going till now and it will go on and on.

With the dance in different tunes after the explosion everything cooled and there started a life.

We evolved in the process based upon the consequences where something happens to give some results that is effect and cause. But this effect and cause concept is so broad that coming to certain point we will become aware that cause and effect becomes one.i.e cause becomes effect and effect becomes cause. This is why it goes on and on. As the water once get it's stream in river it goes on and on till it get to it's destination. In reality, that's the destination of river not of water. Water goes on and on on cycle. But the rivers takes water drops from one point to other. And finally makes it reach to ocean where it gets mixed with it self. The air starts from high pressure to low pressure areas and get settle with the equilibrium between pressures of two areas.

Similarly, everything has its own resting point , in nature. As we are also the element of Nature. What is our aim of life? To know the answer to this question is the imperative to every one's life.

What is our aim of life? What is our purpose of life?

The nature itself is a process, everything flows in a cyclic pattern. To understand it , we just see the atom everything is revolving round and round. And as we see the our galaxies. Everything's is going round and round. Here, nature means to go round and round. The earth moves round the earth with this we get our season also in some pattern which too is going round and round.

In the back drop of sun going round and round to certain center,


are relevant questions to be answered by us?. Today, we try to explore and see , our aim of life.......

Before answering , we try to understand two things. that need to be decided. They are 1. Aim and 2. Life.

1. Aim

Aim is the objectifying our desires. Here, aim is directly related to time. Aim is always linked to the future time which is yet to come.Aim is not related to past but indirectly the outcomes of past makes to seek it.

In a simple words, aim is our planning that is not done yet.

2. Life

What is life?

If we wear a spectacle of time , life is nothing but present Present itself happens to be life. In other words, The accumulated knowledge of past which provides the path to drags the present to the future to fulfill our needs or aspirations to make something positive, qualitative , sustainable changes in life in future, the connection between the past and future which plays the role of bridge is life.

Life is means and where it takes is always to the life.

Aim of Life

Aim is the target to be achieved. And life is the present which is the means to reach to future. But never forgot that life will take you to life itself. Hard work may pay you success but life will only pay you back with life.

When we say aim of life means the target of present. It is the absurd idea to seek the destination of present time. Life is means , where to take it depends on the driving force. The force in our case can have certain future. But what can be the target of our life. When you get there life will be only the result if you drive life.

If we take time variable and see our life. In 1995, there was life we were enjoying . Coming to 1921 we are enjoying our life regard less of how is the situation. Whether we see life in past or future , life is life. Life can't change to other forms so that we can choose to hit the target with life.

Life can only be the life. In future, we may leave this body but we live our life in some where. After death of body , we too will be left with life.

Thus it is wrong to say the aim of life.

If it is wrong, why we ask?

If we see the life as the journey from the womb to tomb. Here , life changes from sperm to useless dysfunction body. If we believe life in this way , then we can have aim. But life is not the journey. Life is present where past and future get confined within it.

As I have mentioned above, in nature everything goes round and round. In cyclic process, there can't be the initial point as well as the ending point. But every point acts as the initial point and also the final point.

As we are the part of nature we also go round and round. We too don't have initial point and final point. We only have life in our hand. Suppose, when we were child our thinking and way of Understanding may be differ than now. And that can't be related to life. In our child we too were blessed with life in our hand now too.

In our journey, from womb to tomb there may be changes in our formation of body but there won't be change in life. At every time, life just goes on and on. At the death we will will be alive feeling the life.

What must be the question?

When we try to answer ," what is the aim of your life?" , Every answer we think or deliver will be wrong. Because :

In this world, there are three kinds of things .Two of it are: One is means and others are ends. Means doesn't have any purpose it is to take us to some where. Where ends contains it's inherent attributes.

A car standing is the means where we have to ride it to go to new destinations. Where pleasure is end that can be attained by some means.

And the third one is: itself it is means and ends like love. You can reach to love only. By love. Life is also the means as well as the end.

Thus if someone doesn't knows about the love, then he can ask ," what can be achieved with love?" If someone knows love believe me he won't ask such questions.

We don't have knowledge about the real meaning of life, so we question what is aim of life?

Life we know is the journey. But this is the process of dying. With time we go on dying. How can a dying can be called as life? Thus, it is wrong to call life is a journey from womb to tomb.

Those things we used to think at our childhood where is it now? They are all changed. Thus, the way of our life is actually the understand of change. But life doesn't have it's relation with change.

Change has something to do with birth and death.

Searching what is life?

Till day, no one is found doing debate on the topic of life. Everyone accepts the fact about the life but understanding differs. Some may have choose the right definition some may have choose the illusion one. But whatever it is, life is in debatable topic begin banal in nature.

What is life? Everyone need to search the answer in their own way. But my friend when you search get your own answer. Readymade answer may make you in to fall in its trap. Get up and get your own answer about the understanding of Life.

You may read the scripts of holy books, ask someone but that doesn't gives you the answer about what it life? It need to be solved by your self.

I suggest you to ask the wind, ask birds, ask trees they will answer better than those books or humans. Because they only know is LIFE.

I have the answer to the question of what is life? I can't give you . When I try to give you it carries meanings in other way. I tried many times to answer it and give it to my friends and families. But every time I tried , I got it into trouble.

It can only be transferred through silence

You need to find yourself. If you fail to get the answer you will drive yourself in other way.



Start now. You are alive because of life. So, why to be late to understand LIFE.

Thank you,

This much for today.

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Avatar for Lawa1988
Written by   121
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Philosophy
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I Don't know very well English bt this is how I realized that having a target in life is very important, maybe I don't know if I had a target in my life, that's why I couldn't do anything in life and now I am a big loser today.

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3 months ago

Thank you for your comment

Life can be defined from any angles. Being happy or being ambitious whatever it is but as said in article life is must be lived with the art of knowing the present.

Life doesn't count on you about you on success achievement but I asks you about DID YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE

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3 months ago

If every man were to define what life is, we could not find two identical definitions. Each of us looks at life differently. Certainly, your article thrilled me, psychological writing puts me thinking.

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3 months ago

Thank you for your words.....

As I mentioned above life can have different variables but always it seems is the way of living the present time

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3 months ago