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Monthly Income Report: Achieved or Failed!? Twice of my Goal!

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1 month ago

We started the month of April with April FOOLs, but it is opposing on what happened as we experienced FULL of green and gains because of the past and current bull run. Most of the coins reached their new All Time High (ATH) including some Meme coin but of course, the biggest bag on my portfolio, Bitcoin Cash.

Before this month started, I published an article entitled April FOOLans where I included all my plans in crypto-verse and on myself. I had different goals not only in but also in other platforms such as Publish0x and Leofinance, unfortunately, I haven’t reached my goal in one of these platforms because I had a lot of stuffs on my plates as a student.

This will be my update regarding to my goals, do you think I achieved it? Yes but no! confusing? Then continue to read it!

As what I have mentioned on my previous article, I aimed to save $100 before this month ends and luckily, I achieved it! The most exciting is…I achieved it as twice of my goal! As of writing, I have $240.01 on my wallet and the current price of Bitcoin Cash as of now [writing] is $1,000.37.

Honestly, I did not expect it! Take note that I already sent some of it on Binance and according to my notes, I sent $59.3 in Binance from this wallet as a profit on the bull run.

Using a simple math, the total will be $299.31, and it is huge enough for me as a student and in our country, the Philippines, it is huge amount of money! Well, I will not achieve it without the help of Bitcoin cash.

According to Coingecko, it has 85.3% gains for the last 30 days. We started the month of May with a price of $1,000 and hoping that we will reach $2,000 before this month ends. Since this is another month, I will set another goal which is to save $120 in Bitcoin Cash before this month ends, more hustle to come!


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I had a great experience in Publish0x this month as I joined two contests, it is only a Simple guide, but I know that it is a good start to learn more about crypto. As what I have mentioned in my plan last month:

I earned an approximately $1.74 and this coming month of April, I am aiming to earn $5. Also, I want to have many views because having an audiences and readers would be a great start to improve and motivate myself to write more.

Fortunately, I also achieved it! With the help of the contest about #SearchWithPresearch, which I submitted as my entry on the contest, A simple guide (and meme) guide in Presearch, I won $5 by just tweeting my entry!

Oh well, I admit that my $5 goal is impossible to happen if I did not win because of my duties as a student, I rarely open my accounts on other platforms, most of it.

👉Sign up in Presearch to have a bonus of 25 PRE tokens and get a reward of PRE every search that you will do! 👈

To learn more, CLICK THIS!

As of now, my plan is to save $10 before the month of May ends. I hope I can achieve it, $2 to go!

Leofinance and Hive

I had a hard time to earn in Leofinance as I always lose my power even though I staked my Leo and Hive on my account.

Also, I do not know why I only have an almost $9 on my wallet, it is more than $12 before but it seems that Leo had a dip…unfortunately, I have not reached my goal in this platform. However, I will continue to support the community as they know how to welcome new users like me.

Also, I tried to stake my cute amount of CUB and I know that it will also have a good future as the community are continuing to support and push it to the moon.

As of now, I have a good feedback on my stake as they are providing high APR which you can compound the interest anytime.


In the end, the only thing that I did not achieved were my Leofinance goal and as what you remember, my fitness goal. I had a workout on the first week of the month but the next weeks…were failed. It’s really hard to discipline ourselves when it comes to fitness.

However, the month of April had a full of gains and had some fun when Bitcoin cash reached $1,000 let’s HODL it for long term and continue to spread it. Also, continue to reach your dreams, always remember that, “There is nothing wrong in dreaming high, but make sure that it is achievable.”


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Written by   248
1 month ago
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As I read your article I can see it was a win for sure! Still trying to figure out the HIVE stuff too. Let's make it happen for May. :D

Recalibrating mistakes, we all need to!

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1 month ago

I rarely open my HIVE account now! Too busy

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1 month ago

Wow! Actually triple na sya kung tutuusin based dun sa $100 goal mo. Just wow. Lodi talaga HAHAHA. Anyways, congrats!! More viewers, sponsors, crypto coins and money to come! Napakalaki nung $299 na yon kahit simple math lang sya. 🤧🤍

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1 month ago

Tumaas kasi BCH eh hahaha di ko tuloy maabot 1bch😆 salamat! Keep writing:)

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1 month ago

Oo mas maganda sana para mas malaki ang kikitain natin kapag ganon. 😅 Thank you! Ikaw din! 🤍

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1 month ago

You aee one of the crypto enthusiast that I read updating their earning. I notice it has beena Good month. Hope for another prosperous month for us.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Hehe trying hard to be one! Thank you more gains to come!

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1 month ago