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Who is MarcDeMesel?

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7 months ago

Dear reader,

this question may sound silly,

but as a new user, I'm quite curious who is MarcDeMesel?

most contributors in this

(photo source:

I was introduced to from a friend who has been active for a long time. At first I did not understand the world of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin cash or things like that, but at the end of January this year I was also introduced to the world of cryptocurrency and tried to trade on one of the well-known platforms, but the result was a loss hahaha (as I have already said here

This week, I was introduced again by a friend regarding and, that writing here can earn money hahaha (as I have written here lakeiko-8a164b9f).

Previously I had a few blocks, but in recent years I haven't been actively writing because of my busy work related to democratic elections (laws and politics), which have absolutely nothing to do with the world of technology, let alone cryptocurrencies. This brings back my motivation to write again :)

Previously I wrote on several blogs in Indonesian, because I'm not fluent in English, but here I'm trying to use translate on google doc, so I'm sorry if the translation is a little wrong hahaha.

I really don't know how to get money from writing here, but after I read some articles, it turns out that most of the money is given by other writers, is that true?

After reading this article ( it turns out that the biggest contributor is MarcDeMesel, as much as $25,658.50, a very large amount in my country hahaha.. Really noble, but I so curious, who is MarcDeMesel?

(photo source:

After surfing the internet to find out about MarcDeMesel, I learned that he is the expert and brilliant thinker behind the Bitcoin Cash project, but there is not much information about him.

But he is quite active on social media, such as twitter, telegram and youtube. In his account bio it says Bitcoin Investor Since 2012. Loving Voluntarism, Capitalism, Exotic Girls & Cars.

At, he has only written 9 articles, but what is interesting about his article is about Do I Take Advantage of Young Women? (see the article here

From the article, it can be seen that he has controversies with his personal life as well, but my position here is not to justify or blame his personal life, personal problems are a matter of individual choice that does not need defense or judgment, the important thing is not a criminal act.

I'm also not interested in finding out more about his personal life, because it's not important, I just want to know what his job is so he's rich? And what is his motivation in this life?

That's a glimpse of who MarcDeMesel is, I don't know much more, I'm just curious to know who he really is, and if he reads this article, hello hahaha..

That is all and thank you

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Written by   1
7 months ago
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weird thing is that I never knew who the person was until I found and started researching on cryptocurrency... he is really an inspiration.

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7 months ago


evidently, we have the same curiosity hehe

Thank you for visiting :)

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7 months ago