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Bitcoin getting beat up?

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7 months ago

In about three weeks I have been trading crypto on one of the apps. I started to learn crypto after getting an explanation from a friend.

I tried to study the price movement of bitcoin, and as a result I was beaten badly, but the name was learning I didn't give up and still tried to bounce back while studying price movements.

There is a special phenomenon in this cryptocurrency, when bitcoin goes up, almost all other cryptos go up, and vice versa. So it can be said that Bitcoin is the leader for other cryptocurrencies.

From my observations, within a 24-hour period, there are certain times when bitcoin is beaten so that other cryptocurrencies also fall (in other words are beaten), but after that bitcoin will rise again to balance the price.

The ups and downs of this rapid price movement make many people experience losses for those who play in the future.

In this week, bitcoin had touched the price of 32,917.16 dollars and currently (when the article was written) bitcoin rose again to the price of 43,620.00.

Within 24 hours the price of bitcoin had touched the price of 45,492.00 dollars and the lowest at 42,666.00 dollars.

So it can be said that bitcoin has increased quite rapidly this week, but price movements in 24 hours are very volatile, so my advice to play in futures is very high risk, but if you play on the spot, bitcoin investment is still quite safe.


That is all and thank you

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Written by   1
7 months ago
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