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Random article; would you rather!

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6 months ago

Taking a new start is always tough, especially for the things that require much time. Yesterday, I publish a random article after a long time & today the whole day I thought about the topic what to write. A few hours back, I saw an article of @Ellawrites and thought why shouldn't I write on this !

So, let's let stick to today's blog......!

  • Would you rather sing or dance in public?

I guess, I must go for singing, as I love singing and it's my hobby to sing while performing house chores. When I am with my friends or cousin I sing different songs. My voice is not that good but I have enough confidence hahaha......

  • Would you rather have a secret admirer or be a secret admirer?

This question is quite tough, well I would like to be a secret admirer.....

  • Would you rather get an expensive gift or go on vacation ?

I don't like traveling much, even don't like to explore new places much. I would like to go with getting a gift, whether it's cheap or expensive. In my opinion, the cost of the gift doesn't matter but emotions matter lott.....

  • Would you rather adopt a dog or adopt a cat ?

I am a big cat lover, this question reminded me of my old cat, whom I lost during a COVID-19 pandemic, & if you are my reader you must read "my pet cat story". now I am having another cat and this is beautiful too....

My cat
  • Would you rather make a phone call or send a text message?

it totally depends on another person. I like to talk on a call with my family & friends. I even sent voice notes to only my family & close friends. I am too shy to talk on calls with other people so for non family and fellows I would like to prefer a text message....

  • would you rather have a road trip or book a flight?

Road trips give me anxiety & headache only, that is why i don't want to explore new places... because for this purpose I have to travel but, if I got a chance to book a flight I will definitely go. It's my biggest dream to go for Hajj and Ph.D. in Sha Allah One day ! I will achieve my goal....

  • Would you rather get up early or sleep late?

I am a night owl, but my routine has changed in form past few weeks I have to sleep early and get up early as well.But on weekends I prefer to get up late in the morning and sleep late at night...

  • would you rather cook at home or order in a restaurant?

I don't know much about cooking, so I would prefer to order from the restaurant as I am a foodie too....

That's all about my choices. I hope you like reading this. if you want to participate in this series, don't forget to mention me. I would love to hear from my side..

All images are mine......

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Written by   25
6 months ago
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Hmm well then I can't sing or dance, so none of the above....

Have a secret admirer....

Go on vacation away from everyone else lool...

Send text message not really a caller....

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6 months ago

I guess you are a traveler, i wish i could be too but i dont know most of the time travelling only give me migrane

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6 months ago

I'm not a traveler, hell I don't like leaving my house, but if I could get to go to a place and be completely alone there for a while I'll take it....

I'm not really a fan of gifts

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6 months ago

Whoa, I think I would love try and participate this series as well.

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6 months ago

Its going to be a pleasure for me to hear from ur side

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6 months ago