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Postaprtum Depression (PPD); A topic that needs your attention!

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5 months ago

You might feel uncomfortable, after seeing the title of the article. But believe this topic requires the same attention just like other problems & issues.....

It's a part of nature. It's a part of the existence of life in this world. We should not feel shame or shy about enlightening such topics.

  • Postpartum

Right after giving birth, the body of the mother returns to its original state ( in terms of the size of the uterus & different sex-related hormones). It is known as postpartum. normally it is used for the first six months after giving birth.

Giving birth is not an easy process, it is very painful for all the creatures on this planet. I remember I heard somewhere that labor feels like all bones of the body got fractured at the same time. Women in this period suffer a lot.

  • Risks associated with postpartum

There are many life threatening risks associated with childbirth including ;

  • postpartum hemorrhage

  • different kinds of infections

  • blood clotting

  • postpartum depression.

A that time women require great attention from the family, especially from their spouses.

  • Postpartum Depression (PPD)

It refers to a variety of changes including emotional, psychological as well related to the body that might occur in a girl right after baby delivery.

  • Symptoms of postpartum depression

some of the most common symptoms that occurred include;

  • frequent abdominal cramps

  • constipation

  • low energy level

  • puffy eyes

  • runny breast

  • difficulty in sleeping

  • persistent headache

  • pain in back

  • extreme fatigue

  • extensive bleeding

  • trouble while passing

    causes of postpartum depression

There are many reasons behind the incidence of postpartum depression. However, some of the major causes are as follows;

  • taking alcohol or drugs during pregnancy

  • premature delivery

  • domestic violence

  • lack of emotional support from family

  • depression due to financial or other issues

  • medical complications

Treatment for postpartum depression

Although treating postpartum depression is very tough and thus harms badly the health of a woman. 2 recommend methods for treating this condition are as follows;

  • providing emotional support during pregnancy & after child birth

  • taking antidepressant drugs

  • counseling

Let's spread awareness regarding this issue and save the health as well as the life of all women. most of the time people feel shy about consulting ors. If a women consult a doctor right after having signs of postpartum depression she can easily get rid of this problem. according to a survey a total of 9 out of 10 women suffer from postpartum depression

I, hope you like reading my little efforts. Thanks for spending your precious time on my blog .....

(Disclaimer! This article is written for awareness & education purposes only. This is all about according to my knowledge as I studied this topic while my BS. You have the right to make corrections if I am wrong at any point.)

Lead image source; unsplash


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Written by   25
5 months ago
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This is not a joke because I experienced it.. I almost got suicide because of it.. all first time mothers should know.this because I was not inform about it, I was like what was happening to me. because no one told me about it.

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5 months ago

I am feeling sorry, I pray no women suffer from this... I salute you and all mothers as well

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5 months ago

Most mother go through with this but lucky those mother who have an emotional support of the family that can get over with this easily.

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5 months ago

Exactly, emotional support is the major requirement of a pregnant woman

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5 months ago

It added very good info my knowledge. This was something new to be learn totay, thanks dear for your time.

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5 months ago

I am happy u liked reading this

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5 months ago

You are right there is very little awareness among people regarding sensitive topics like postpartum depression. This disease is most common among women. Women at that time neend affection family as well.

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User's avatar Asg
5 months ago

We should play our rule to spread awareness regarding such topics

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5 months ago