Keep Your Head Cool in the Event of an Accident!

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19 April 2022


Friends, when an accident happens to us, we are suddenly overwhelmed Our brains suddenly stop working. It seems like we don't know what happens. We don't know how big an accident has happened to us.For a while, we go with us to a place and some people come and pick us up

There are a lot of people out there in this situation There are a lot of people out there in this situation.

  • One is the people who stand up and start making our videos.

  • There are people who are very prudent in the event of an accident and treat us immediately so that some of our blood that is flowing is not lost.They give us emergency treatment

  • There are those who call an ambulance and And they call us at the scene of the accident so that we can be rushed to the hospital

  • There are people who stand up just to have fun. In an emergency I just stand up to see what's going on.

Most of them are people who just stand up and start making videos in an emergency and they like to make videos and upload them on social media.Should these people make videos in these emergencies? Shouldn't they know that we should help the servant who is in an emergency? They should know that we should help the people at the place where the accident took place and those who have been affected by the accident.The younger generation, instead of taking care of the people at the scene of the accident, stands up and starts making videos.

When two small motorbikes have an accident with each other, then instead of fighting, we should stand up and help each other and give thanks to Allah.Allah Almighty has saved us from a big accident

Even in such a situation, there are a lot of people out there who start talking to a guy who is on a single bike.

People don't believe in the fault of the people behind them Maybe they thought it was the boy's fault Because people now believe that no one rides a fast bike with women behind them.

This incident actually happened to me when I went to the market yesterday evening to get some goods As I was passing through an alley, a man on a fast bike was bringing one of his wives in and he suddenly brought a bike and hit me inside.I was able to handle my bike but that person The woman fell off the bike but was not harmed. Instead of thanking God, she started talking to me, even though it was not my fault.

The people of also explained to them that it is not the fault of this child, it is your fault that you scared the bike in wrong direction.And that woman will start abusing me then I can't stand it I told them a little bit that this is the problem that when a woman is riding a man bike over time it is not considered her fault but the fault of the next servant who is a boy starts to find out.People explained to me, Leave what was supposed to happen or give thanks to God.The people of K. explained to me that it was not anyone's fault that it should have happened or I told them that if it was my fault I would have apologized to them.But instead of giving thanks to Allah and you are insulting me, isn't it different?

In an emergency, I managed to keep my mind cool If you guys get hot in such a situation then you can fight with the next slave you don't know what you are doing Sometimes it happens that a big problem happens due to a small accident. If the people of both the parties get hot and both of them get angry, it leads to a big fight.But in such a situation, we have to control ourselves and we have to resolve the issues

We should try to protect ourselves. If we are riding a motorcycle on the road then we have to protect ourselves. People do not protect us. They blame the same person But we should also act wisely and control ourselves and explain to the next one and try to resolve the issue by talking lovingly.

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Carefulness applies to everything we are doing.. even when we're sleeping. Carefulness is consciousness

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You said right my Friend :)

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