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Don't LOSE HEART, Everyone's DAY Will Come!!

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MARCH 18,2022


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Our Today's Topic

Friends, you have often seen that many of us are like that If their work is not completed or any of their work which means a lot to them is not completed then they lose their courage. Many of us are such that if one of their tasks, which is very important to them, has a lot of meaning and is not completed, then they will give up and go for it on their own. Life seems to be in vain.


If the work is so important to them that it even rides on their head that they may never have been able to complete the work but they should encourage us whether you Can work We should encourage them. We should encourage them that if you are made for this job then you have the courage to do this job.And if we do in the same way that you do many things that are very important to us to make us think of the fruit of our whole life that we work to achieve if that work is not completed.If he doesn't get the job done, then yes, I know that this is very frustrating.

If I take my example, then there are many ups and downs in my life as well Because every human life has its ups and downs, as I mentioned in my previous article, everyone needs some support.Because if we lose our courage, if we do not work with courage, we will lose our courage, we will not be able to become a successful person, we will have no purpose in life and I think every There is a purpose to one's life. There is a goal in everyone's life that one has to work hard to achieve. And I have such a goal.I also want to be a good person and to be a good person does not mean that this is the goal of my life, this is the goal of my life.That I have told you what I have said in my last few articles

Now take my example, I was much more anxious than last night because there were so many reasons for my anxiety but one of the anxieties was that I had to take my university exam.And my test was the computer network So the thing was that I didn't have time to prepare, I had to prepare for my exam and there was a lot of work at home, I was so helpless at night, I thought that in the morning It will be seen that if I have to pass the exam, I will do it, otherwise I will fail, but then I thought that if there are many goals in my life that I have to achieve, then I have to study. گ Because reading has become the most important part of human life. I don't think man can achieve anything without reading.

So with that in mind, I did not give up, but I was very tired, but I had a plan in my mind to achieve my goal.For that, I don't have to lose my courage, but I have to bring courage inside me So I did not have the courage and started preparing for the exam And finally my friend it took me five hours at most in the morning and I prepared for my end and thank God I had a very good paper and who found that I did not give up so much.If i wanted to i would say no i would not do it but if i thought i would do it i would pass this exam with good marks I will do it, so I have done it


So friends, if we want to be successful in our life, if we want to be a successful person in our life, then we can do this work without losing our courage and appreciate our courage.So we have to have the courage to do this work to get it done, we have to do it with him, because the viewer will also learn from it if he can do it. Why can't I do it? If I have the courage to do it, then who should we build ourselves in such a way that we have the courage and strength to do everything?Be a strong man like the rocks that never give up

So the thing is that if man has not been able to achieve anything in human life, if he has repeatedly lost to achieve this thing, then he will have to work hard and have courage to achieve this thing. We must keep our spirits up, we must not lose heart, and just as the heart of every human being must come to mind, then the day of that man will surely come and he will get what he desires.But the condition for this is that you do not have to lose your courage and you have to keep in mind that we have to work with this satisfaction.


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Written by   72
8 months ago
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