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3 Questions In AMAs with Postify's CEO: SocialFi, Rewards and Sustainability.

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7 months ago

Ever since the project started, I have been very bullish with Portify and it's plan to establish a strong and engaging social media. Throughout the months of being in the community and attending tens of AMAs with different projects, I gathered the most important questions that was answered accordingly.

This article is a compilation of questions from different AMAs in the past of Portify. There were lots of beautiful question and answer portion made by Pokerface, the CEO of Portify, but I randomly took all the questions that I think is very important for everyone to know about the project. This is random so no time and date will be given.

Random Question in Different AMAs.

Question: Good day, CEO! You have a strong community and thousands of people around the project have a strong faith in it. For the people to gain more confidence, may we know about your team behind the project?

Pokerface' answer: Good day to you, too! As you can see, we are very glad to have this huge community and we are persistent to onboard more people in the project. We are only a team of 5 people but we are planning on expanding more of our team to sustain the development of the project. However, we have decided to stay anonymous. Our personal life and information are way more important that this project but that doesn't mean that we don't give this project so much value. Like the creator of Bitcoin, which is still unknown at present time, we want to give everyone a decentralized project that will be driven by its demands and fundamentals. We will be working hard and develop the project even more that one day, users will think of who are working behind the great project. The growth of Bitcoin was made from trust and look where it is now, and we almost have the same vision for our project.

Question 2: SocialFi is one the most hyped word right now in the space, how do you plan to compete or take over other SocialFis from other chains? What's with Portify?

Pokerface' answer: We know that currently we are still an infant project. We know that there other SocialFis out here with lots of user-base. We, at Portify, are working on a very great product that will surely get the attentions of a lot of people. We can't tell you now what we have been working on since the beginning but everyone who's present in our project will surely love it.

But we can give you some of the cool features coming in our SocialFi. We will be having a Cross-chain swap exclusively in our SocialFi dApp, NFT staking, and great rewards for our SocialFi users. Time will only be the hindrance for us to make this features live. Till then, bare with us and support us while we continue to develop our project.

Question 3: The project looks very interesting, but with your $PFY token, the utility token of the project as well as the rewarding token, how do you sustain its price and scarcity?

Pokerface' answer: Good question! We already that a rewarding token is set to lose its price overtime when people can just get it from anywhere. But with our $PFY token, we don't want let it be just a reward token so we plan a lot of things for it.

Our $PFY token will have a lot of use cases in our SocialFi platform like paying with $PFY to access a premium or VIP Features, of course there are still lots of it.

$PFY token only has a maximum supply of 110 million tokens, and to make it more scarced, we will be having a burning mechanisms in order to sustain the price or make the price of the token have a higher value in the market. With our tokenomics, $PFY as a non-inflation token, with lots of use cases, the price of $PFY will only have one direction.... And it's up above.


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Written by   178
7 months ago
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Interesting conversartion, hope your project will boom as soon as possible so that we can also be part of the project

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7 months ago