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Three weeks without glasses; vision improvement

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6 months ago

I think my vision is getting better; compared to before where I put on my glasses all the time, and all through the day regardless of whether I'm indoor or not, I recently discovered that I've not been having my glasses as much as I used to. For the past three weeks I've not been having my glasses except when I intend to step out of the house which hardly happens except on Sunday where I'd have to go to church plus the usual weekend escapades.

I didn't realise this until this morning when I was on video call with girlfriend (friend that is a girl); I suddenly realised I wasn't putting on my glasses and had to reach for it just few inches away from me. It was at this moment I realised that I haven't really used my glasses in three weeks yet there's been no complain so far regarding a refractive error or the inability to focus on written words.

In fact I spend most of my time on my smartphones, I'm always exposed to blue light from the screen while either writing, reading charts, making researches, flirting with babes on WhatsApp or Telegram and the icxasional flirting here on with @Theblackdoll and yada yada, yet there's been no complain and I didn't even notice I've not been using my glasses, which means my eye has gotten better without informing me and may still get even better.

Speaking of flirting; I haven't spoken with my crush @Ayane-chan in a very long time hence I think tomorrow would be a perfect time to try out my flirting skills once more provided she'd be available to pick my calls on Telegram (I'm not a flirt; just kidding). Hey Ayane, if you're reading this, you should know that if I never come to the Philippines I'd come looking for you.

Back to track; speaking of my glasses and my ability to see even better without glasses, it's actually surprising for me considering I actually use my glasses all the time and fall asleep with it on my face on most nights, hence not using it die three weeks straight is amazing. Though I think I can do without it at the moment, yet I can't ignore the fact that I'm still photo-phobic hence I must use my glasses once I intend to step out of the house it's gonna be really inconvenient for me. I sometimes feel like the world is too bright for me hence my glasses is slightly tinted in a bid to reduce the intensity of light hitting my eyes. I don't think photophobia can ever get better hence I'd have to stick to my glasses much longer. Plus I look really cool with glasses and peeps would hardly recognise me out there because they're already used to seeing me with glasses on- I'd look totally weird and different such that I'd begin to re-introduce myself (just kidding).

I guess @HappyBoy should try to take off his glasses to see the world with his eyes perhaps he would see things differently and who knows, his sight may already be slightly better than it previously was.. just saying as I don't know anything but simply speculating.

I suspect that my role model; sir Mr.@Pantera may be using glasses as well considering he does a lot of research and it takes him a lot of time to write those crypto-perfect articles. Regardless of whether he has a defect or not, glasses are required to block out those blue light since he'd definitively be spending a lot of time behind the computer screen. Another speculation which I know nothing about.

I think I gotta go to the optician to run another test pretty soon so I can know exactly how improved my has become....

Irony of life; my vision is getting better but my heat resistance is getting worse- I sinxerely hope I wouldn't experience another episode of hallucination due to the heat or I'd simply wait till morning, pack my things and run away from this country never to return. The Artic looks like a nice starting point.


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Written by   320
6 months ago
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It's the first time I've heard that eye grades can be improved by wearing glasses, I don't know enough about its accuracy, but due to a series of eye operations I've undergone, I wear protective glasses that prevent blue-light refraction. I hope your eyes have healed because eye health is very important.

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6 months ago