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Is the world ready for science fiction?

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4 weeks ago

We live in a scientific world, a world full of discovery with thousands of new discoveries every day; from the sport cars to the supersonic jets and stealth airplanes, the internet and smartphones, space exploration, satellite communication and so on. We’re gradually moving into a world where all things will be digital; pens, pencils and papers will no longer exist. All information and learning will all be on the internet, with time we may discover a cure for death, and maybe time travel and telekinesis will be thing like we see in science fiction movies. But the greater question would be “Is the world ready for this?” Let’s find out.

Let’s not take this too serious; this is about me making my imagination go wild while combining science fiction with reality. I’m simply imagining what would happen if some of the things we see in movies actually came to reality. Things like teleportation, time travel and alien invasion.


Teleportation is a common subject in science fiction and pop culture. Imagine you had the ability to instantly appear anywhere you want, what would you do first? I’d instantly appear in the vault of any bank of my choice and take as much money as I want. If teleportation is finally achieved, wouldn’t it be used to commit crime or to wage war against enemy nations? Rebels could simply teleport to presidential houses and take the president hostage; nuclear bombs could be teleported to enemy’s base with ease. I do not think the world is ready to witness this level of technology as it would be totally disadvantageous to our existence. Humans will literally go extinct in a matter of years. As seen in the X-men movie, night crawler; a mutant with teleportation abilities simply went to the white house and dealt with the security personnel’s while attempting to kill the president. I do not think we want this kind of technology anytime soon.

Nightcrawler source:

Telekinesis and Telepathy

Telekinesis refers to the ability to move objects with our minds without physical contact, while telepathy refers to the ability to read or control minds. Imagine having the power to move objects by simply thinking about it or being able to read minds; would that make you a hero or a villain. Truth is whoever has such power will be captured by the military and turned into a lab-rat for replication of such powers. Imagine what science could achieve with a technology that allows us to do the above mentioned. We’d be basically gods, unfortunately we must be ready to bear the consequence because power in the wrong hands will and must lead to chaos. World destruction would be quicker than we thought. If terrorists had this ability it would be a global terror and no one will be alive to tell the story of how world war IV ended the world.

Time travel

If I could travel in time, I’d fast forward to the end of the world to see when it happened, another thing I’d do is go back in time to kill myself as a baby to see if I’s cease to exist. This may result in a casual loop as seen in movies; me killing myself as a baby means I’d instantly cease to exist in the future because I never grew up to be able to go back in time, which in turn means that I wasn’t killed as a baby and I’d end up growing up too discover time travel and still go back in time to kill myself as a baby…this happens over and over and over until the world collapses unto itself all thanks to my discovery.

I can imagine people going back in time to kill their grandfathers simply because they do not like him, without realizing it would be disastrous as it would mean he wouldn’t get to give birth to their father thus resulting in their in-existence…. Technology will destroy the world.

Floating cars

Floating cars may be possible in a matter of years but it would cause more harm than good. Imagine the number of cars we have on our roads today, if they all had the ability to fly wouldn’t it be disastrous?


Collision would occur easily, increase in mortality rate all thanks to car crashes, and what exactly would happen to the airplanes? Will they be eliminated for the flying cars to take over?

Light sabers

If you’re a fan of the Star wars franchise then you’d know what I’m referring to. Light sabers as used in the Star wars movies are extremely dangerous; capable of slicing through a human like a pen through a piece of paper.

Light saves from the star wars franchise source:

Scientists have tried but haven’t discovered what makes the light saber tick and exactly what to do to make it work. But if it is eventually invented, will it be produced publicly such that we’d require a special license for the purchase this deadly weapon? Will it be used for war or simply for recreation purpose for the sake of the die-hard star wars fan? All these are questions to be asked. Is the world ready for this? I don’t think so.

Discovery of aliens

Are we alone in the universe, and do aliens exist? I sometimes imagine that aliens live among us and simply blend into the crowd by shape shifting using special technologies unknown to us. If you’ve seen the X-men movie then you’d know that mystique can shape shift into anyone as desired and her ability is without limit; though she’s not an alien I had to use her shape shifting abilities as an example.

Mystique from X-men source:

What if aliens actually exist but not in organic form as expected, and what if they don’t look like monsters as portrayed in movies. Aliens may exist as plants on a distant planet, aquatic organisms in a galaxy far away, or even as pulses of electrical and magnetic fields. We may have come across them but wouldn’t know cos’ we are busy looking in the wrong place.

I want to talk about Inter-dimensional gateways, underwater cities, and alien Invasion but I’d rather stop here till next time.

Do you think the world is ready for the above mentioned discoveries? Share your thoughts in the comment section. You can write a post about this as well, feel free to tag me when you do.

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Till next time!


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Written by   97
4 weeks ago
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Your article reminded me of the movie "back to the future". It said we were going to have flying cars by 2015. Interesting article. Thanks.

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4 weeks ago

Here we are 2021 and no flying cars yet.

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3 weeks ago

If teleportation becomes a reality, I'm never trying that shit. Imagine getting teleported and you find out everything from your waist down didn't arrive with you, God forbid 😂

Floating cars will be possible very soon. I saw an article last year when some scientists carried out tests on a flying car prototype.

As for discovery of aliens, leave that to Elon Musk 😅

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4 weeks ago

I think flying/floating cars won't be impossible though. And who knows about the others. Nothing is impossible so they say. And I guess whether the world will be ready or not, things happen anyway.

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4 weeks ago

You are really something Kristoffer!! This article really makes me think outside the box First of all, Teleportation is possible if it is limited to specific places, lets say there are teleportation pillars in every country, this reduces the risk of teleportation because people can't go everywhere because it's limited.

Time travel may be possible if we follow the principle of an alternate reality, lets say you go to the future and see the end of the world, that becomes a different reality on its own and doesn't affect the normal timeline!!

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4 weeks ago