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A random Saturday with his sisters

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8 months ago
Topics: Family

11th of May 2022

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"Good morning, everyone", Tony says as he walks into the dining room. The whole family except Tulip was already seated and was digging into their breakfast. "Good morning", they all replied.

"Looks like it's my favourite food- noodles and chicken", Tulip said as she sat down on the dining chair.

"Chicken lover. You'd soon grow wings" Charles teased.

"And I'd fly to my dream country", she responded with a simile.

"There's an announcement for everyone", Tony said with a large smile.

"Laurel and I are going to the registry today after which would be officially married", he said joyously.

"Which means today would be your wedding anniversary date”, Tulip said with s smile.

"Congratulations. dad, I'm so happy for you", Charles said in excitement. "Thank you", he replied. "So we're gonna be going out afterwards.

“I and Tony will be eating out and wouldn't be back until late evening It's gonna be only the three of you at home. Is that okay?”, Maurice said.

Of course, that's okay. There's an adult in the house to take care of everything", Tulip said while pointing at herself with a creepy Smile. “Adult that gets drunk all the time. Try not to be drunk this time, okay?”, Laurel said.

"I'd drink in moderation. No, worries everything is under Control", she said. "You'd be making your siblings so try to be responsible", Laurel said, "Yes" Ma'am. I'd make them my special delicacy and they’d beg for more”, Tulip said with pride.

“You too Mayora, help your sister in the kitchen”

“Hmm...”, she nodded as she had her mouth full of noodles.

“I wonder if Tulip is a good cook”, Charles thought to himself as he looked at her and blushed.

 6.00 pm!

 Here we go", Tulip said as she arranged the dining table while serving dinner. “Big sis has made dinner”, she said aloud and stood by the table until Charles and Mayora came in through the door.

“What took you so long?”, she said as they moved towards the dining table and sat down. Charles opened his mouth wide in surprise. "Amazing! Did you do all this by yourself?”, he asked while staring at the delicacy in front of him. "Not really.  Mayora assisted in the cooking" Tulip replied.

"Don't believe whatever she says, I simply stood there while she did all the work", Tulip said in denial and began to dig into the food before her.

"Now I don't know what to believe”, Charles said in a low tone. "Doesn't matter. Dig in already", Tulip said and began to eat.

Charles took a bite, "This is just perfect, he said and smiled ·largely. Your cooking is good, just like in restaurants. You shouldn't be working in a school Miss Tulip, you should work as a chef”, he said in excitement.

"Mayora actually made that", "Tulip Said. Charles looked disappointed on hearing this, so what did you make miss Tulip?", he asked.

"I made this and this", she said while pointing at the Tomato slices, grated Vegetables and chopped meat on the table. "You call that cooking?”, Charles said looking disappointed.

"I left these to Tulip so she can add the Seasonings. It'd be risky If I put it as I may make a mistake", Mayora said.

"So, why did you deny cooking it? You cooked it and Tulip added the seasoning to the Vegetables. She didn't even cook the main dish. Now I see who assisted who" he said frowning.

"Hey, don't get too serious and take a bite already", Tulip said while pointing at the meat and vegetables.

"Alright fine", Charles said and picked up a fork from the tray in front of him. He grabbed a piece of meat coupled with a Tomato slice and took a bite. "So, how is it?" Tulip asked.  "Uhm... It's not so bad... I like the thickness of the tomato slice, the seasoning in the meat is just perfect”, he said.

“I can imagine how perfect is must be”, Mayora said sarcastically while shaking her head.

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Written by   323
8 months ago
Topics: Family
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You write great my friend. I like your story

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