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Risk Factors

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Health and well being are affected by many factors, and those that are associated with ill health, disability,disease or death are known as risk factors. One, therefore,must know how these risk factors affect one's health.

Risk factors do not exist in isolation. Most often these factors coexist and interact with one another.

Risk factors are classified into the following;

Behavioral Risk Factors. These are factors that can be eliminated or reduced through lifestyle or behavioral changes. Example of these are smoking,physical inactivity,poor diet, and nutrition.

Biochemical Risk Factors. These factors are combination of genetic lifestyle and other broad factors. Example are obesity,high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol.

Environmental Risk factors. Environmental determinants of health cover a wide array of topics, and can be split into two broad categories; *Social,economic,cultural and political. *Physical, chemical, and biological.

Genetic Risk Factors. These factors are created by the genetic make up of a person.

Demographic Risk Factors. Demographic factors include age,sex, and population subgroups. Example of risks associated with demographic factors are stroke,death,which occurs among person of age 75 and above and high percentage of occurrence of breast cancer among females while very low percentage among males.

The following are some of the common risks to one's health and well being.


It is considered as one of the most alarming health diseases in the world. Obesity means excessive amount of body fats. It increases the risk of health diseases and health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. In addition being overweight obstruct one's ability to control chronic diseases.

Physical Inactivity

This is the inability of an individual to do or involve oneself to any physical activity which can lead to having cardiovascular disease, colon and breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Poor Nutrition

This leads to reduced immunity, increases the vulnerability of diseases and impairs physical and mental development. It can also contribute to stress.


This is considered as the most high risk disease that may lead into different health problems such as respiratory diseases,heart diseases and cancer.

Smokers are classified into;

Skinny smoker. One who worries about his or her weight and body image.

Sneaky smoker. One who sneaks cigarettes when nobody is not around.

Rebel smoker. One who smokes because it's against the rule.

Social smoker. One who smokes in certain situations like during parties and in bars.

Serial smoker. One who always say that it will be his or her last.

Committed smoker. One who has never tried to quit smoking.

The absence of a decline in the prevalence of hypertension indicates an urgent need for primary prevention by weight control, exercise, and reduced salt and alcohol intake. The urgency and choice of therapy of existing hypertension should be based on the multivariate cardiovascular risk profile that more appropriately targets hypertensive persons for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular sequelae.

To prevent the risk factors, one must understand how these factors really affect one's health and wellness. There are ways on how to control, maintain and manage these health diseases and health problems.

Choose healthy foods and maintain a healthy weight. Make physical activity a part of one's daily routine. Keep blood pressure and blood cholesterol under control. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Learn stress management and Power up one's mind and body.

That's all for today.

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Written by   137
4 months ago
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