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Factors that Influence Substance Use and Abuse

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Drugs have been with man since the beginning of time. Drugs then were naturally extracted from plants and used in rituals, ceremonies,and entertainment purposes. Many civilizations have come and go but the presence and abuse of drugs remain. Ancient civilizations like Assyria, Mesopotamia, Egypt and India have experienced the influence of drugs. China almost fell apart because many of it's people became depends of drug use and abuse. In the modern times, illegal drugs are still a major problem of different states and societies. International trade and sale of these illegal and health risk commodities are still rampant.

Drug Scenario in the Philippines is like other countries, it is also a challenged by drug related problems and issues. The country is an easy entry point for illegal drug trade because of its immense water boundaries that are not heavily patrolled by authorities.

The government in response has appointed law enforcing and implementing agencies in its fight to stop illegal drug trade and use.

Tasked to plan and formulate national policies and programs on drug prevention and control is the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB). It's programs and projects are done in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd). Department of Social Welfare, Department of Health (DOH) and other local government units LGU, and Non government Organizations, NGO.

Working on integrated and well planned operations to arrest local and international drug syndicates are the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. Philippine national police, National bureau of Investigation, Philippine coast Guard, Bureau of Customs, United Nations Office on drugs and Crime, and other related agencies.

The government also strictly implements the Dangerous Drug act 2002 which includes the mandatory drug test for application of driver's license, entrance to military service,application for firearms licensing,and others.

It is not only the drug user's life that is destroyed by the continues and prolonged use of dangerous drugs. The family,the community,and the nation as a whole are also greatly affected.

Prolonged and continues use of drugs leads to developing tolerance to the drugs which eventually leads to drug addiction. Severe dependence and health problems related to drug use can lead to hospitalization, rehabilitation,and even death.

The effects of drug use and abuse are not always the same with drug users. Each person's brain capacity,function,and total body composition is different from other persons reactions to drugs and substances. A small dosage may create euphoria and great pleasure to a person while another person may restless and depressed.

Drug use, misuse,and abuse are the results of different influences surrounding a person. These factors can either prove useful in staying away from drugs or getting completely hooked to drug use and abuse. These influences can be either called RISK FACTORS or PROTECTIVE FACTORS.

Risk factors are influences which raise the likelihood of use,misuse,and abuse of drugs.

Protective factors, on the other hand,are influences which lower the likelihood of use,misuse and abuse of drugs. Various domain in life like personal,family,peers and friends,school media and community greatly affects risk and protective factors.

It is important to note that several of these factors should be present in order to say a person is susceptible to drug use,misuse,and abuse. Likewise, few protective factors present does not also make a person vulnerable to drug use and abuse.

The common illicit of drugs in the Philippines are;

SHABU (methamphetamine) a potent stimulant drug . It has many street names,the most popular is shabu. The drug is available in crystal form. It is ingested,injected,inhaled and smoked. It was dubbed as the" poor man's cocaine "

Marijuana comes from the cannabis plant. It is powerful psychoactive drug. It affect mental processes and behavior. Marijuana is smoked,inhaled,ingested and used as a tea.

Inhalants substances which are volatile in nature. These include household and industrial chemicals like solvents and medical vapor drugs. It is common among street children as these are cheap and can be easily shared among groups

The condition of the body to adapt to the different effects of substance to the body which makes the body require for an even greater amount of the substance to experience the same psychological,mental and physical effects experienced when taking the last dosage is called Drug Tolerance.

Overall, a general decreasing trend can be observed in cigarette use and alcohol use among adolescents. However, despite rather strict regulations on tobacco in most countries and on alcohol in some countries, adolescents still report relatively easy access to tobacco and alcohol. Moreover, trends over the past two decades indicate a closing of the gender gap in the use of tobacco and alcohol. The data suggest that cannabis remains an ‘established’ drug. Although prevalence peaked in 2003 and decreased slightly thereafter, the prevalence rates in lifetime and current cannabis use are higher in 2015 than in 1995. In many countries, prevalence rates for NPS suggest that these substances are more attractive than the ‘old drugs’ amphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine or LSD. Availability of NPS and adolescents’ use of these substances need to be closely monitored.

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Written by   143
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