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Signs that you're Winning

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1 year ago

There are times that life will hit us hard and it sucks!
nobody wants to be a failure or seeing themselves struggling as a pain in the ass!
Life is challenging especially in a time like this "Pandemic" aside from this the are challenges that we found so hard to deal with such as;
work, relationships, friendships, family, side hustle, fitness, and getting into shape or the life itself.

“Challenges make your character great, don’t be afraid of it, but accept it.”
– Nitin Namdeo

This is true and I'm willing to take some risk in which benefits me in the future.
I know everyone will think the same way sometimes it doesn't about how you've succeeded it's all about how you handle those challenges and achieve success.

So If life hits you pretty hard just accept it! (Bring it on!)

I listed 5 Signs that you are winning in life and you should happy about it.

1. You treat yourself well

It's not about celebrating and eat a bunch of foods. Simply not abusing yourself avoid negative thoughts and toxicity. Always take care of your body, mind, and spirit and treat them well. Make time for exercises also avoid foods that bad for your health don't be mean to yourself, thoughts or actions. Be kind and humble love yourself you're a plant that needs water to grow :)

2. Taking care of your family circles and acquaintances

You're winning if you are taking care of your family and friends despite kinds of stuff or new people that you have met you don't have to ignore the special ones for them that's decent people too. Don't neglect those special people Family and friends.

3. Happily single or happily in-relationship

whatever your status is make sure that you're fully happy with it.
Don't take things just for granted don't treat the relationship as a playground instead handle it with care (If you're in a relationship)
Being single doesn't mean that you're not good enough, you don't have to hurry it's not a race anyway. You had an advantage actually, you can do great things and enjoy life easily - take time to know yourself first, Invest in yourself and let the right person accept your flaws.

4. You can control your addictions and weaknesses

Whatever your addiction is; Gambling, drugs, alcohol, wasting money, porn, sex, foods - make sure you cope with it don't let this addiction eats you or you'd be a loser. You have to work on it!

5. You have a plan for future

This will make us more motivated in life. Pandemic strikes and some of us stuck or lose a job but do you think that It all ends? Of course not, as long as you see yourself in the bigger picture there's no reason for you to give up you have a dream to pursue so get up and start hustling. Take it to step by step and trust the process.

That's all for today, always thankful for what you have 😊
again, don't be afraid to face challenges be strong and be the person that you want to be 💪

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Written by   7
1 year ago
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